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The Puppet – The Actor – The Pawn

I waited until the weekend to post this because people tend to have a little more time and I don’t want them to pass on it because of length.

This is the story about how AOC’s brother submitted her name for a casting call. What was the part?


AOC is merely a mouthpiece for a dangerous communist movement that is organizing in the semi-shadows in order to overthrow America and remake it in their extreme leftist vision.

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  1. Worth watching. Really worth watching. Explains how AOC and the others got where they are, and why more are coming our way. Lenin was once dismissed as a crackpot by the people who lost everything to his followers.

  2. Notice how AOC’s math is all mangled. She says 200 million people make below 20 grand. There are only 150 million workers in America!
    Furthermore, she says 200 million is 40% of our population. I mean, seriously, she is a goddamn idiot.
    She’s an actress, and a stupid one.

    The part of the video that resonates most with me is where he points out what the danger of a man behind the curtain is.
    They have no accountability, no term limits, can run forever and do it in every district.

    This must be stopped.

  3. Psycho Shakeyerbooty will have a tough time being “The Man Behind The Curtain” in prison. Not that there’s anything wrong with that….

  4. I watched this yesterday and forwarded it to the choir. It’s quite disturbing. “The Squad”- Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are rabid anti-American scum, bought and paid for by The Enemy Within.
    They also suffer The Dunning-Kruger Effect. Worth noting.

  5. That was well done. The enemy within is damn sure getting well established.

  6. This too, will be exposed.
    Sent the video to Hannity. Send it to everyone you know.
    Their egos will bring them down. Oh, and their stupidity.

  7. Cortez et al are what Lenin meant when he coined “Useful idiots.” We often laugh and misapply that term, but there it is.

  8. Time to get the work gloves on.., we have our work cut out for us.. this can’t stand..

  9. The socialists don’t care that we know the evil plan. They have convinced themselves to be on moral high ground, performing the work of God. Straight from the horse’s mouth, “You’re evil for wanting to be factually correct instead of morally right.”

  10. I won’t say I am not concerned. At the same time, these communists/socialists are so clown-like I have trouble believing that the sane folk who elected Trump are likely to be fooled. (Certainly, he makes sense of the idiot that is AOC.)

    I will watch, however, and be wary. ….Lady in Red

    PS: I found the Lame Cherry link a tad too racist for my tastes.

  11. The socialist’s popularity emerges from the electorate. Nothing new here. To stop them, we have to convince a majority of voters to reject them. Nothing new there either, except lately, we’ve been losing.

  12. I’m excited that this is leading to a huge power-struggle and much in-fighting among the Dems and is exposing the Left for who and what it really is.

  13. I had been noticing different speech patterns in her tweets compared to her actual personal appearances. Hard to put my finger on some now, but simple connecting words like,”how ironic that…” in tweets becomes “it’s really ironic” on TV…
    And tweeting ”and I surmise…” becomes “.. I would think…” as she babbles on in person about what she ‘thinks.’

    (Maybe it really IS that Cink drain guy.)

  14. “The Enemy From Within” has been activated.
    Are there enough weak minded college kids to get these Socialists elected in their respective districts? I don’t think so. The Democrat Socialist party is clearly no longer driven by power or control, but rather the destruction of the Republic.
    So here’s what keep me awake at night, and remember where I live. Have our Enemies From Within managed to take over local and state Election Boards? I think it’s been that way in California for a long time. Last cycle 10 or 12 GOP candidates that were announced winners, later on lost to the Democrat via “Vote Harvesting”. A couple pions were arrested. But nothing was really done about it.
    Is there a possibility the Socialist take over in 2020? This is not good.

  15. PS
    You need to pay attention to what the Socialist are telegraphing. How many times have we heard “We’re afraid Trump won’t leave office peacefully if he’s defeated”. They’re already preparing us for the corruption.

  16. And if this is played, in full, prime time, on CNN and Fox… and everyone who sees it believes, agrees, even gets their kith and kin to go watch it on YouTube… and they all believe, agree… (cue the “Dude, Where’s My Car?” line) “and den?”

    The system is broken. By design. The “republic” (that never was), or (if you’re too young to be kicked off your baby mama’s health insurance) the “liberal democracy”, has… not “failed”, but, rather, “succeeded”… in doing exactly what it was designed to do.

    If you like that, good on ya’. If you hate that, but display your wisdom, your patriotism, your honor… by waiting for the, not corpse, but dusty bones (of whatever golden age utopia you claim to yearn for), to leap up… and destroy the descendants of it’s killers… good on ya’.

    As for the rest… those who won’t shed a tear (even a glycerin one) for the passing of this regime… first come, first served. Same as it ever was. If you don’t want the Ummah ruling what was these United States, best to plant your flag(s) and change the signage… before they can. Don’t want to “join” (by “popular vote”, counted by foreign “observers”) the Global Soviet that never had a hard enough chance? Best to plant your flag(s) and change the signage… before they can. Going Galt? Third way? Go for it! But waiting on the couch, until The Party tells you it’s all better… now? Same as it ever is? Good luck, with that.

  17. I too saw this yesterday. My initial thought though was, aren’t most of the pols just sock puppets with special interest groups/staff creating their legislation? Why else would one might suggest that we have to pass it to know what is in it? It might be a tad more interesting that cink is at the controls, but I am not surprised that aoc is a puppet.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  18. I’ve seen links to that video in many sites, only now I watched, mostly because of the urgency you gave. It’s really astonishing.

    I remember that when Thomas Wictor was in Twitter he talked about some billionaire Indian guy who was the mastermind behind the Silicon Valley people. He talked about how Jared Kushner also knew about that and was able to defeat the Indian influence while running Trump’s campaign.

  19. I remember watching clips of The Young Turks on the night of the election and that fat demon was enraged when Trump won. He went on cursing the Democrats. At the time I thought it was just venting, but looking back I can see that right there he was declaring his war.

    May the Lord have mercy on us.

  20. This kind of thing can’t be opposed if you have no reliable opposition. They’re not just five move ahead of what little conservative opposition exists, they’re playing an entirely different game. For keeps.

    Seriously…if we’re THIS far gone, there are no viable alternatives left to us unless a HUGE mass of citizens decides to act as one. That requires communication, which is why the Left wants an internet kill switch. I believe 100% that they’ll get one someday, if they don’t already.

    That means we do not have much time to organize on the national scale required.

  21. No one who is conservative should be surprised by this info, but the details are very important. In order to have a strategy to fight against this treason, the puppet masters must be known.

    Also, I suspect an evil thread of Islam linked to this Millennial driven, Deep State operation. Cenk Uygur has always seemed to be unapologetically a jihadist.

    The general public needs to know how this affects them, personally. Constantly, educating them about the deadly consequences of socialism (ex. the downfall of Venezuela) which will destroy every freedom they now have that can only exist in a constitutional, representative Republic.
    Thanks for posting, BFH. This is a great source for getting the truth about sleeper/creeping socialism to the public.

  22. @Jimmy March 10, 2019 at 12:52 pm

    > The socialist’s popularity emerges from the electorate. Nothing new here. To stop them, we have to convince a majority of voters to reject them. Nothing new there either, except lately, we’ve been losing.

    It’s called “capitalism”. No, not Marx’s “Kapital”. Judeo-Christian capitalism.

    When you give a legal slave the choice between “You can work for as much money as I will allow you to receive. In exchange for what I allow you to keep. And pay what prices I demand. At the company store.” or “You can pretend to exist. In exchange for what the government gives you.”, the best, the most logical, return on effort, both long and short term, is the dole.

    To paraphrase America’s first black President, “It’s the GINI, stupid”.

  23. @grool March 10, 2019 at 3:02 pm

    > Seriously…if we’re THIS far gone, there are no viable alternatives left to us unless a HUGE mass of citizens decides to act as one.

    That was Hillary’s “Never Trump” strategy. If you want to be the emperor, you need a force to enforce your rule of the empire.

    There are many, amazingly many, more options. If you, merely, want the tyrant gone.

  24. Sounds to me like a pretty smart way to get your ideas disseminated, to start a grass roots movement.

    I’ve always said the Democrats play this “politics” game way better than we do. Not bound by constraints of propriety or decorum, they don’t bring knives to a gunfight.

    If we concede that better ideas are not enough, why not adapt to a winning strategy?

    The Tea Party was a good start but it only addressed fiscal concerns. A full court press that covered civil liberties; protecting the 1st and 2nd Amendments, fighting the blatant assault on our religious freedoms and liberties, and re-introducing the notion of American Exceptionalism and the power of the individual to decide his own fate unimpeded by statist interference, these are winning concepts, easily rallied behind.

  25. I hate that Cenk douchebag. Had a young family member who started watching the Young Turks and got all discombobulated on his formerly conservative Christian beliefs.

    Thanks for posting, Fur – and on the weekend, and keeping it as a sticky on top.

  26. It’s very interesting how she projects differing things…like a chameleon (which a good actor is).

    An expert I know seriously wonders if she is possessed, based on her actions, her words, and particularly on her facial expressions–especially the eyes. He has dealt with many possessed persons, and has done exorcisms, so he knows what he is talking about.

    The possessed are perfect puppets. In the right hands.

  27. I have had the opportunity to meet quite a few politicians on the local level. This type of game – pick a candidate with the intellectual acuity of Chance the Gardner and carefully stage manage his or her campaign – is not a new tactic although it is easier to implement locally. The fact that this tactic is being used at the national level is disturbing.

    There are a couple of pitfalls with this strategy. First, there are competing groups of elites in every society who are playing essentially the same game, and they will compete either for control of the dolt who currently occupies the office or to install their own controlled moron. Socialists want to destroy the private sector, but big business also wants to control that aspect of society so there is a natural tension there. There is quite a bit of common ground between these two groups (for example, the MSM hates a free internet because they lose control of the narrative while socialists hate having to compete in ideas), and the big issue is who is in charge. The agendas of those who control the politicians differ, but the means – which is control of the politicians – is the same.

    Second, these office holders frequently morph into uncontrollable – and often dangerous – politicians because they begin to believe that they are the ones in charge. Ocasio-Cortez is an empty headed sock puppet now, and will be an empty headed sock puppet in four years but may begin to believe that she is the one controlling the issues instead of being told what to say and do. I have seen this dynamic at the local level, and have seen these pawns turn on their masters on more than one occasion.

    A representative government is, in theory, supposed to prevent this from happening. But we have ceded control of our youth to the government, and freedom and free thinking are discouraged if not banned outright in many of our schools. People like Bill Ayers are major influences in education when they should actually be in prison – how does this happen?

    My personal feeling is that the destruction of the traditional family is where this all started. As the family unit deterioriated, the government “kindly” stepped in to take over, and government exists only to perpetuate more government. The problem won’t be fixed at the top – it needs to be reformed first at the most basic level.

  28. Honestly, America would do better with fewer Indians. They have no understanding of our values, and they send all their money back to India. They would rather see Murica as a cash cow, a new idol, rather than what it was founded to be.

  29. Crazy grandma Sandy affiliated with Justice Dems also liked Bernie
    Sounds like she was married to someone of Hispanic descent so maybe she IDs as a person of color or even a moslem? Their “Support team director” according to her Twitter

  30. @Wyatt, Insensitive Progressive Jerk March 10, 2019 at 4:09 pm

    > My personal feeling is that the destruction of the traditional family is where this all started. As the family unit deterioriated, the government “kindly” stepped in to take over, and government exists only to perpetuate more government. The problem won’t be fixed at the top – it needs to be reformed first at the most basic level.

    The “issue” (I won’t call it a “problem”) may have begun at the (orginizational) bottom. But, once it reached business (no “not really” quotes… actual coins changing hands) at the top, the top took over that business.


    In a “representative republic” (“liberal democracy”, “magic land”, whatever you want to call America… and it’s kin), when half the population is directly advantaged by the current business structure, and many (in certain areas, most) of the rest are advantaged by not being disadvantaged by the alternative(s), the organizational bottom has as little desire to overturn the “issue”, as those at the top, who actually set their own skim.

    You can not… ever… “fix” the family “issue” (in “the West”), without first… first… destroying the business that runs it. Did you note the word “destroying”? There is no viable option of negotiating a surrender (call it a “wind down”, a “transition” if you wish) with those that write their own rules, subject to change without notice.

  31. I got a corresponding video from Doc which I forwarded to BFH and my other patriot friends. Probably redundant, but more explicit on OAC’s discussion with the “Justice Democrat” trio of communists.
    It’s worth watching. I hope BFH throws it out there. I also sent it to Rush Limbaugh.
    Maybe the LSM, Fake News, will eventually pick it up.
    This broad and her trio of whores are just actresses, but dangerous.
    Watch those behind the curtain. Forward everything to every one you know.

  32. First saw this on Youtube Friday. Excellent reporting and research by Youtuber Mr. Reagan. Shared it like crazy.

  33. Thanks for sharing. Forwarded to many.

    It’s important to remember that these same people executed Breitbart, the closest conservatives had to resembling a svengali. Why Andrew went to a dinner party at Bill Ayres and Bernardine Dohrns house will always mystify me.
    Dead a month later.

    We conservatives debate ideas. The left? They have no boundaries or ethics.
    By Any Means Necessary is their motto.

  34. “This must be stopped….”

    This will ONLY be stopped if we do to the GOP establishment what the left is doing to the democrat establishment.

    Our only protectors are Trump and the Conservatives in Congress. The likes of McConnell and the GOPe gang of corrupt hacks he’s part of will sell us out as soon as look at us.

    Follow the left’s plan: they’re evil people, but they’re doing a good job of convincing their voters.

    Take back our schools, or it’s hopeless.

  35. That’s what the Tea Party was supposed to do. And did do. But unfunded grass roots that have day jobs only get a movement so far. Crazy eyed, well funded employees have longer staying power.

  36. I heard Chuck Todd say that critics of George Soros were anti Semitic. Fake News must be trying to delegitimize criticism of Soros, for some reason.

  37. Do yourselves a favor and do some studying up on the topic. Because printed copies of this 76 page tract are going for $100+ on Amazon, here’s a pdf. Jan Kozak’s “and NOT a shot is Fired”. It’s short, will serve to confirm what a lot of people see out the corner of their eye, but don’t put it together. If enough people (I know, I know) see it coming, maybe some industrial grade roadblocks can be thrown. Everything is at stake.

    “This book presents a blueprint for the takeover of a free government by communists without bloodshed as opposed to that of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 in Russia.

    The introduction to the book is a short lesson in current American History (1945-1999).

    The tract was written between 1950 and 1955 by Jan Kozak, one of the men who oversaw the overthrow of the Czech government by the use of propaganda and subversion in 1945-1946. The plan he used mirrors that which is being used in the U. S. today.

    After reading this tract, if you don’t believe there’s a conspiracy to overthrow our government, you’ve been living in a political vacuum.

    Guaranteed to bring up the hair on the back of your neck.”–Amazon customer review.

    ETA, just in time to add this:

    The other is a critique.

  38. It has become absurd to actually believe elections can change the political game now controlled by Communists in BOTH parties that are conjoined to rig all elections to suit their agenda. As for Lame Cherry being prejudiced — she is actually disgustingly good at vulgar mockery. What most vile political rats can’t stand is being mocked, getting their egos stomped on. There are a few very good political cartoonists who excel at doing that. Like Ben Garrison

  39. One of the most effective actions DJT could take to slow down the infiltrators is to do an EO on the 2nd amendment much like he is doing for the 1st amendment, but obviously at the state level. Communist/Socialist types like guns. As long as they are the only ones that have them.
    At least we would have the ability, even if we don’t have the balls.

  40. Wasn’t AOC the only one out of 12 candidates the radicals backed that actually won her election? She and the other radicals on the left are more a symptom of the rot and disease of the democrat party than an actual take over by socialist. The more of these radicals the dems take on the fewer moderate democrats will be left to vote for the moderates. The beating they are going to take next year may just destroy the integrity and shatter them permanently into a Labor and Liberal party configuration like in the UK, with neither able to win a majority and having to form a coalition in order to have enough votes to be relevant, but what if the liberal middle forms their coalition with moderate republicans in congress to keep a uni-party in charge? That’s the more likely result, which is still a stalemate and bad for the country, but not as bad as a socialist take over.

  41. Dr. Tar
    I believe the video says that a total of seven that they backed actually won.

  42. Here’s a lovely video featuring Bill Whittle and Scott Ott, reminiscing about the ten years since the TEA Party was started. Perhaps we need to dust off all those 501c3 Lois Lerner tried so hard to squelch and revive it: kill all the RINOs and all the prog and “moderate” Dems…..?

    Whittle says the great success of the TEA party was the election of Trump. I suspect he may be right. Perhaps this video is a counterpoint to the AOC one? …..Lady in Red

  43. Man I love you guyz… All, you all rock… I’m Phil Swill aka Alpha Maser aka dumb fuck loser just trying to stay on this side of the grass… Always loved iOTW – just trying to hang in there these days……

  44. Great informational video on how broken America is thanks to corruption in government. Will we survive? Don’t know, but I do know these two things: Democrats do not get charged or convicted of crimes and Republicans do not even try to fight. Can’t say I’m optimistic….

  45. This isn’t a conspiracy theory….

    It’s a conspiracy

  46. @Lady in Red.
    Thanks for the Bill Whittle link. I miss the heady days of our tea party movement. It was a strong movement and propelled many of us past our world of experience. Imagine 5 strangers with no street cred getting stage, sound systems, police permits, speakers we didn’t know, and a talk radio guy who embraced us.

    I didn’t know what to expect on tax day, ten years ago. But we worked tirelessly to advise about parking, toilets, the works. Water for anyone who needed it. EMS was on standby.

    And then the people came. And kept coming. From all directions. I had a unique vantage point behind the stage. And still they came. A small park in downtown Richmond overflowed with strangers. 5,000 strangers.
    It remains one of the highlights of my life. And our merry band of mischief makers remain as some of my closest friends. And a Whittle is right. At the end of the event we went through the park with trashbags. Certainly 5,000 people would emade a mess. Five of us patrolled the park and five of us came back with empty trash bags.

    That we were embraced, then betrayed by those politicians that seized the tea party banner will be discussed and debated for many years. Shame on them.

    We rocked the world. And government was unleashed upon us. Astroturf?

  47. Upon further reflection, the AOC sound bite types concern me. She’ll burn and fizzle to obscurity.
    What really concerns me are the quiet ones, like Abigail Spanberger, who quietly accepted millions of dollars from the same people as AOC to run against a decent man, Dave Brat, and now doesn’t even appear on the regular talk radio segments that have been a tradition for decades. She’s a silent assassin.

    She’s silent but just as deadly as Cortez.

    I can almost see the Democrat’s strategy whiteboard.

    Wicked leftist district? Run an openly socialist loudmouth.
    Center right district? Run a former CIA operative, a pretend law and order type, a John Brennan commie.
    Same result. Silent Abigail will vote with loudmouth Alexandria every time without a murmur.

    Frau Spanberger scares me to death.

  48. So nobody but me knew this before this weekend? Maybe you have never had a family member run for office? This is common. Maybe not 100’s of interviews, but propping up a previously non-political candidate is so usual.

  49. Meerkat
    Actually I posted about this about a week ago. I’m glad your “in tune”. I’ll guarantee you there’s much worse going on that we haven’t discovered yet. Buy more guns.

  50. great….so…..

    ….what are we able to DO about it…????

    i’m getting really tired of watching them cheat, and not bean able to DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT…….

    does it HAVE to come down to torches and pitchforks????

  51. This is not “cheating”. On the local level this happens every day. They are just jumping it to the national-level. Here is how it works:

    1. Local polititions need to find someone willing to seek public office. Someone who is un-tainted, vigorous, willing to put in the time, but, espessially soneone who is willing to learn the talking points.
    2. Get that local candidate door-knocking, out and meeting everyone for 6 months.
    3. If they are financially able, all the better! Get them to invest in their own campaign.

    My wife did not follow politics at all except what I told her before she campaigned. Afterwards, she shifted from CNBC, Fox Business, to Fox News for her stay-at-home viewing. What she learned during her campaign will be her very quick lesson into politics. I used to claim I had two votes, mine and my wife’s. Because she would ask me how to vote. Now I no longer say that. She has her vote, and it is still the same as mine.

  52. @Brad, I live in NJ, you cannot buy, but you can own.

  53. chuckie
    I’m feeling ya buddy. Again, buy a gun, learn how to use it.

  54. Meerkat

    Tell me, I’m an 07 FFL in California. Look pal, we both need to move. The question is where. More latter. We need each other e mails. I’ll ask the furry one.

  55. Yes watch Rick Santelli The Chicago Tea Party. He started it.
    “How mny of you want to pay for your neighbor’s lawn.”
    Google it.

  56. Brad,
    Tell BFH you have my permission to get my email.

  57. @chuckie March 10, 2019 at 10:46 pm

    > does it HAVE to come down to torches and pitchforks????

    Only after the lights go out.

  58. FWIW, the topic is being covered by Chris Plante (the Justice
    Democrats mainly, not the video) right now on his radio show, after the top of the hour. Good. The more exposure, the more mold gets killed off.


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