The Pyramid Scheme Syndrome is Real

It’s never JUST a phase.

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  1. I had a serious girlfriend who got into the “Blue Green Algae” thingy, but I just blamed it on her xanax, prozac, occasional cocaine and red wine phase….She looked good naked so I overlooked some of those eccentricities….

  2. I wonder if that chick posts on this site saying that she makes 10K a month working from home, etc, etc, etc.

  3. We had a few couples infiltrate our church trying to sell Shaklee and Scamway products to members of the church. Fortunately most or all of them left after we found out they were scamming us with their pyramid get rich quick schemes. My wife even lost a good friend from childhood who tried to sell us their crap. A friend called Shaklee’s LOC slogan, lots of crap. I have no use for these phony baloney so called products which are supposed to make you healthier or look better etc. I hope these scammers all wind up in Prosperity Gospel churches where there are more gullible fools to buy their junk.

  4. Great, how am I going to unload all this Optimal Strength Pumpkin Spice Metabolic Keto Pills now??

    Het IOTW readers, I have a sale going on….

  5. I can’t belive this CBD craze! Even Rush Limbaugh is selling it. I have sisters and friends who are convinced it helps this and that. After the seeds are gone and I smoke the POT what else CAN they get outa it??? Most people don’t even know what CBD stands for. I guess I could press a toad hard enough to get TOADOIL ……..!!!!

  6. It took me a year to get the Amway person to cease and desist. Literally, she died before I could be sure I was rid of her pestering.

    I like 2 Shaklee products. Nearly killed the last sales person. Finally I found an online distributor who only emails me about 2 x a year. I buy the 2 cleaning products from that couple.

    My Mary Kay person is so low key that she is nearly impossible to reach when I need mascara. She is a busy mom and a nurse. I almost started up with another distributor, but instead counted my blessings with the one I have.

  7. I remember years ago my mom cussing out someone that wanted to sell her a Rainbow Vacuum for some awful price. Never heard my mom cuss like that before. We didn’t get a new vacuum.

  8. @Thirdtwin – COVID is a fear/control scheme that has saturated much of our population. Its case counting is specifically designed to prolong that fear and establish the precedents for future population-reducing pandemics, imo.

    I couldn’t believe the BS I heard yesterday from some people at an outside 4th of July party. People don’t even want to hear the official stats of their own county and state which, in fact, contradict all the fear mongering from public officials and the media.

    People are becoming mentally blind in this country.

  9. My wife and I received a cheap Japanese Yama shit a camera from the Kirby vacuum cleaner salesman once for demonstrating their vacuum cleaner to us, we didn’t buy anything from him. There is one form of lower life than Scamway and Shaklee salesman and that would be Time share salespeople. We never got sucked into their schemes either, we did get a real nice down
    comforter from them for listening to their bs.

  10. They are currently trying to ramp up that fear by proposing that the Chinken Pox transmits through the air.
    Shouldn’t they have known this kind of stuff before?
    They’ve been dealing with various typs of C-virus for quite a while now.


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