Nothing says social justice like modern-day reparations. Strike that. Nothing says racism like modern-day reparations. Just over a week ago, the Western Kentucky University (WKU) student government passed a resolution recognizing slavery as a “debt that will never be paid.” Nonetheless, in a 19-10 vote they attempted to do just that – approving a resolution advocating free tuition for all black students. Sadly, all they did was assuage their white guilt and set race relations back a generation.

Personally, it’s offensive to me that college kids who claim to want to help blacks believe we’re so intellectually inferior that we need them to give us a hand up. How racist is that? Secondly, where does this end? Free cars? Houses? Savings at the gas pump? I’m sure some pimple faced left-wing college students can find “institutional racism” in every industry imaginable if they’re searching for it. That doesn’t mean it exist. Thirdly, by claiming blacks need reparations the white students are admitting they’re racist even though they’re the ones trying to help them! Huh? Exactly. It makes no sense! Essentially, they’re telling blacks that racial harmony is an unachievable goal.

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  1. I’m all for reparations. My people were held in captivity and bought and sold like cattle. Sexually abused, ritually murdered, the whole bit. See, I’m of French-German descent, so the way I see it, Italy owes me big time for the Roman-era slave trade they forced on my ancestors. So pay up, you Italian bastards. My slogan is “No Justice, No Penne!”

  2. Take the year that slavery was outlawed in this country and subtract the date that the Constitution was ratified by the States and you have the number of years there has been slavery in the United States.
    Otherwise blame the British.

    Then FOAD!

  3. Blacks should (if they’re REALLY interested in “justice”) go back to the ones who captured their ancestors and sold them. Yes, white Europeans bought their ancestors, but so did many others around the world.
    But go back to the source….the original captors and sellers…..the ARABS, the MUZZIES, the IZZIES. Yeah….go to them and try to prove your claims and collect your reparations for your ancestors in an Islamic court. Good luck with that.
    Meanwhile, if anyone of excess pigmentation attempted to guilt me over slavery and reparations, my responses would be, “You didn’t pick no cotton, and me and mine never owned no slaves.” “Where’s MY reparations for the deaths of my ancestors who died to free YOUR ancestors?”

  4. Hey I’m part polish and live in fear of polish jokes… I want a law passed that allows me tell 5 jokes against your ethnicity to one of yours about mine.

    Sounds about right.

  5. DBW you nailed it. Where are the reparations for all those that lost family members in the civil war fighting to free the slaves?

  6. And if the Western Kentucky University student council wants free tuition for blacks, let the student council members pay for it themselves.

  7. As with any injury, the only way to truly achieve restitution for the offended party would be to restore them to the place and condition in which they were prior to the offense.

    For those who still want reparations, the first boat to Africa can be ready as early as next week. Start packing your bags.


  8. Burner:
    I’m confused but I’ll defer that question to my Indian friends who know all the jokes but have no sense of humor.

  9. You see Mr. Burner I’m polish-native and there is no part of Oklahoma I want back.

    Unlike fauxahontis I never used any of my 23% Native blood to any advantage but I occasionally want to run casino day at church!

  10. US blacks are 95% hopelessly brainwashed anti-white racists now. Reconciliation is hopeless, mostly because they don’t really want it, and they’re not really owed it. Whites may have to accept the fact that they may have to jealously guard their right to exist while white, because a lot of the world is piling on to the anti-white bandwagon because they know if blacks and hispanics take over the US, it will be easy picking for China move it, just like they did in Africa itself. Blacks and Mexicans are too stupid and corrupt as a group to keep any of this country’s infrastructure functioning at an even remotely functional level. Just look at Africa and Mexico, beer cans and bailing wire shitholes. Their engineering and public spirt is for total shit, unless it’s focused against whitey. No white, no reason to stop being useless fucks.

  11. If the Arab slave traders hadn’t bought you from your ancestral neighbors, you would have grown up in your country of ancestral origin.
    Instead, you grew up here, in the Land of Plenty.
    So tell me again how rough you have it

  12. @Hanoverfist is correct.

    If the U.S. began once the Constitution was ratified in 1789 and the slaves were considered free once the Civil War ended in 1865 then consider this: Only 1/2 of the U.S. was actually involved in slavery for about 76 years, not entire U.S. nor for the 200 to 400 years often quoted by the left (historically speaking).

    Blame the Europeans, not the Americans.

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