The Random Pervert Apology Generator Has Nothing On Bill and Hillary Clinton

The Perv Apology Generator is certainly entertaining, but pales in comparison with the Clintons.

Rewatching this interview, knowing what we know, knowing what we know Hillary knew, puts the sociopathic couple in a whole new strata. The lies and manipulations comes so damn easy to these professional grifters.

16 Comments on The Random Pervert Apology Generator Has Nothing On Bill and Hillary Clinton

  1. Real professionals and so long ago too , they will probably find a way to profit off of all this Crap swirling the bowl !

  2. Tell ya what, you’re hearing a lot from Felonia Von Pantsuit these days, but Ol’ Billjob seemed to have zipped his lip.

    Seems some people never know when to take their ill-gotten gains and GTFO.

    Bill knows this ends badly for them, but Frau Clinton just doesn’t get it.

  3. I just today learned that Hillary is a Scorpio ! This tells me she could be as Flippant about sex as Bill… or more so !!!
    ( guys if you missed the Scorpio thing in School Sorry !)

  4. I keep hoping to wake up from this nightmare where we are trapped in a chaotic parallel universe where a glass full of pond scum has such a prominent place in our physical universe and social discourse! How and why did we end up with a total non-entity and worthless, putrid piece of human flesh in such a visible and
    negative ongoing role!


    …and like usual, the interviewer never holds them to a ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

  6. Knowing what we know now: How far in advance were the questions submitted for Clinton’s approval and how many takes were necessary before they got their answers the way they wanted?

  7. After watching that again (I watched it when it first aired) I’m amazed their pants didn’t burst into flames and their noses didn’t poke out the camera lens.
    Love the way Hillary drops her r’s in this video but seems to have found them again when she moved up North.


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