The Real Reason Big Pharma Will Not Do Clinical Trials With Ivermectin, and It’s Not Why You think

When discussing the lack of clinical trials on Ivermectin, most people will tell you to “follow the money,” and that is partly true. But it’s not solely because Big Pharma wouldn’t make as much money with Ivermectin as a brand new drug, it’s because a clinical trial with Ivermectin would be nearly impossible to do. It would be quite expensive, yes, but the expense would be because the pool of people required to extrapolate information would be in the hundreds of thousands.

Think about it.

The survival rate for Covid is so high, 98% +, that in order to definitively state that Ivermectin is having any impact on mortality your study would be extremely complex and expansive.

One wonders how they can determine that the jab is doing anything. The numbers seem to be the same, or worse, post-jab as opposed to pre-jab.

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  1. They did one in India with 700 healthcare workers. 1/2 took ith once a week. The Ivermectin half had no deaths. 7 in the other half.

  2. I may be wrong but considering all the people that have taken Ivermectin for various afflictions I think it’s safe to say the “clinical trials” for safety and effectiveness have been accomplished. Besides, a cured patient is a lost customer.

  3. Give a coof patient IVM after their insides have liquified and use it as proof it doesn’t work. Similar to how there’s proof the jab works: Require if for 100% of people for a 99%+ survivability and viola, it works. You could just as easily replace IVM -and- the jab with boiled frogs teeth and make the same claims for either scenario.

  4. Or they could find out cheaply and quickly using crowdsourcing. But it’s pretty clear that they don’t really want to know, or want you to know, how effective Ivermectin is. It is easier to threaten doctors, demonize the medicine and embargo production. We used to be a nation of innovators and experimenters. Now, we’re just beaten-down drones of the Globalist hive. Or so it would seem.

  5. I don’t agree.

    The author was snowed by subtle propaganda. The clinical trial doesn’t have to measure “deaths”. All it has to measure is recovery rates with and without the drug.

    People don’t usually die from headaches, either, but somehow we know that taking an aspirin or ibuprofen works.

  6. There have been over 60 published studies of Ivermectin showing a benefit. But just look at India or Japan or any country that takes this regularly to prevent other issues like river blindness and you find in all of them low Covid cases. Then take it away and see the cases rise. Far more scientific than whatever Pfizer, Moderna etc. allegedly did for their EA.

  7. Look at Israel vs. India. I saw a graph last night (that I’m too lazy to find and link) that shows Israel with a very high Vax rate has a huge number of cases, whereas India has a vax rate of 14% and very few cases.

  8. My take is that non-Vaxxed India has natural herd immunity spreading just like Sweden, and the Ivermectin is keeping people from getting really sick. Big Pharma is making a ton of money and is finding a legal way to funnel it back to the politicians that support policies that eventually enrich Big Pharma. These policies also dovetail with the politicians natural lust for power and control, so they happily get paid to do what they want to do anyhow.

  9. If there is an existing effective treatment for a disease, emergency use authorization for an experimental treatment for that disease will not be granted by the regulatory agency.

  10. The SAME logic is true for claims that the vaccines reduce deaths if you are infected! In the original Pfizer report in their study of 44,000 people, NO ONE died, not in the vaccine group and NOT IN THE CONTROL GROUP EITHER! (BFH: I made a handy chart about this if you’re interested)

  11. The claims for that new $750 Merck drug is for early trestment, just like ivermectin, and they DID field study for that.

  12. In Africa they take it like M&Ms for malaria among several other maladies. How much Chinese flu do we hear of there?

  13. Bullshit. I heard a FDA big shot on the radio assuring the public that they voted on the approval of the vaccines and they were magically approved.

  14. Are we officially done with Delta? I haven’t seen that word in days. Journos must have gotten a new variant to pimp. Probably will turn out to be what killed Colin Powell.

  15. Do the study on people with comorbiddytiddies. Duhhh.

    Also, if ivermectin were used for all U.S. citizens as prophylaxis against RONA, the price in quantity might rise from about two cents to four or five cents per dose.

  16. Multiple myeloma is extremely painful in late stage with the bones resembling sponges.

    The ventilator mercifully killed Powell.

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