The Real Reason Why Liz Warren’s Medicare for All Won’t Work

With Senator Elizabeth Warren receiving intense criticism for not being clear about how her $52 trillion medicare for all plan would affect the middle class, Larry decides to do some number crunching. He also seeks out the advice from a noted 20th century economist to weigh in on the issue of government solutions to all problems.

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  1. Economics is not why it will not work. Human nature is why it will not work. Government is corruption but its nature. Unaccountable government is corruption on the baddest of steroids. My incentive is X. therefore I will do… X. Very simple, so simple a leftist could never figure out.

  2. Before the Liberal Socialist Democrats decided to help and create Obamacare my wife’s Medical ins. cost us $1,245 a month ($14,940 a year). Now 4 years later It costs her $1,958 a month ($23,496 a year) and yes it is the same providers and Ins. Company. That is a 57.27% increase.

    Please Liberals, Socialists and Democrats
    We can’t afford any more of your help.

  3. It also won’t work because we are a country of 330 million people 1/3rd are obese, 1/3 are overweight and most of the population is unhealthy, doesn’t exercise, doesn’t eat well and has chronic diseases being controlled by medication not lifestyle changes. Good luck predicting the cost of that mess.

  4. $52 Trillion is over twice the annual GDP of this country.
    That means more than twice the earnings and worth that every man, woman, and child could make in a year!
    Think about that.
    That’s consumed without a single cent being spent on food, clothing, heat, electricity, television, movies, luxuries, phones, lights, or motorcars.
    A tremendous amount of treasure extorted from its rightful owners into the black hole of gov’t un-accountability.

    Pure, unadulterated, straight-up tyranny – what WAS yours is now MINE – don’t like it? Imprisonment or death – not your choice.

    We’re living in the most absurd miasma of lies.
    Our institutions are being undermined.
    The Media is totally corrupt (FOX can’t last).
    Academia has BEEN corrupt.
    The FedGov displays their corruption every single day.
    The State gov’ts are more corrupt in less spectacular ways.
    CA, NY, IL, MA, OR, MD, VA – you wonder why any of the state maggots are still alive!
    Are the LIPs that subservient, that ignorant, that cowed?

    You kind of expect sheep and geese to (more or less) wait patiently to be slaughtered, but people? Actual humans sitting around smoking dope, drinking muscatel, while watching the TV … waiting … just waiting?

    izlamo delenda est …

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