The Real Story – The Mueller Investigation

Yesterday, the BBC held a nearly hour-long panel discussion on the Mueller probe. The session nibbled around the edges of conspiracy and collusion, allowing partisan James Henry to run wild with every wild insinuation of a crime being committed by the president. Then the host brought in Sebastian Gorka, who went directly at the conspiracy lunacy and left Henry sputtering and desperately grasping for straws to rebuild his delusions of wrong-doing.

Gorka lays waste to Henry starting at the 26:30 mark and takes on the host, Ritula Shah, a few minutes later.  Listen

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  1. “wild insinuation” is how the media operates as “fair and balanced,” “news you can trust”, blah, blah, blah!

  2. Why has no one on the left ever talked about Obama trying to take out the PM of Israel? Everything they are screaming about the Russians might have done Obama bragged about in the open.

    All of this is a wet dreams for the Blue Waive. Come the first Wednesday of November all the dems will have are soiled underwear and a strong sense of wanting more but knowing it was all just a dream.

  3. The only reason this sorry excuse for investigation continues is that the AG has misplaced his bowling balls. He is totally unable to function without them.

  4. James Henry was engaged in a radio masturbation session when Gorka showed up with naked pictures of his grandmother. Game over.

  5. Wow. After Sebastian laid waste to those idiots, especially James Henry, they dropped Sebastian like a hot potato and never called on him again.

  6. Pelopidas,

    Not only that, but 0bama & Co. destabilized the Middle East with the “Arab Spring” giving rise to ISIS while Hillary laughed about taking-out Gaddafi; “we came, we saw, he died.”

  7. whoa. That was worth hearing and I was visualizing (no video) Sebastian beating her down and kicking her, even though i had to suffer through that womans accent. That was NPR on steroids. Yeek.


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