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  1. Awesome. As always.

    Y’all really need a cafepress or zazzle account, so I can get some t-shirts to offend my libtarded hippy neighbors.

    What’s the point of living in Washington if I can’t have a little fun?

  2. Great slogan, BFH! The picture part is already getting buttsex jokes on Twitter though. Truman’s team should have you design something cool instead.

  3. Fur, you GOTTA send them your work.
    That is the worst piece of crap I’ve seen
    since Hillary’s “hospital” logo!

  4. love it

    I see some people doing a lot of 2nd guessing Trump’s decision to pick Mike Pence, but I live in his state and IN is just fine.

    This buzz will be worth millions in free TV air time, so win-win.

    I can see other important positions in the cabinet for the other finalists anyway.

  5. There could be method to Trump’s madness here. That crappy logo might serve as a lightning rod for the Left. I mean, while they’re busy making fun of the logo, they’re not criticizing Trump.



  6. TO VietVet

    Maybe it was intentional to be so bland,
    but I wish it didn’t remind me of an eye chart to test your vision.

  7. NO 💩! How long will it take to get Mooch’s sour ass, B.O., and tangy crotch smell out of the White House?

  8. Perspectively, it could also take several pile drivers, 20 jackhammers, 10 bucket loaders and a small fleet of monster dump trucks.

  9. ” How long will it take to get Mooch’s sour ass, B.O., and tangy crotch smell out of the White House? ”

    One election Jerry, just one good election!

  10. …feed the birds, trumpence a bag, trumpence, trumpence, trumpence a bag…

    Sorry, I’ve been drinking.

  11. The red stripes remind me of the Benghazi handprint. Which is a good thing.

    But it would be really cool if the logo looked like a gun. Maybe like the Bond gun, with the “P” as the trigger. Not too obvious, but enough to set them off.

  12. I like it Fur! And let’s hope that it happens.

    And, a Gee Whiz at the number of folks who automatically jump to turning the graphic into a sexual thing. Sheesh. I suppose they think they are all clever with their quick consensus…but I just feel sad for them that is what springs to their mind…and given the NeverTrumper attitude – they’d find something to mock – no matter what.

    What has bugged me the most about this election season, is watching how many of my fellow friends on the right can sink down into the depths with the left on their insults.

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