The real Ukraine controversy: an activist U.S. embassy and its adherence to the Geneva Convention

John Solomon:

The first time I ever heard the name of U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch was in early March of this year. It did not come from a Ukrainian or an ally of President Trump. It came from a career diplomat I was interviewing on background on a different story.

The diplomat, as I recall, suggested that Yovanovitch had just caused a commotion in Ukraine a few weeks before that country’s presidential election by calling for the firing of one of the prosecutors aligned with the incumbent president.

The diplomat related that a more senior State official, David Hale, was about  to travel to Ukraine and was prepping to be confronted about Yovanovitch’s comments. I remember the diplomat joking something to the effect of, “we always say that the Geneva Convention is optional for our Kiev staff.”

The Geneva Convention is the UN-backed pact enacted during the Cold War that governs the conduct of foreign diplomats in host countries and protects them against retribution. But it strictly mandates that foreign diplomats “have a duty not to interfere in the internal affairs of that State” that hosts them. You can read the convention’s rules here

I dutifully checked out my source’s story. And sure as day, Yovanovitch did give a speech on March 5, 2019 calling for Ukraine’s special anticorruption prosecutor to be removed. You can read that here.

And the Ukraine media was abuzz that she had done so. And yes, Under Secretary of State Hale, got peppered with questions upon arriving in Kiev, specifically about whether Yovanovitch’s comments violated the international rule that foreign diplomats avoid becoming involved in the internal affairs and elections of their host country. read more

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  1. The only reasonable conclusion we can make from all of this is that the entirety of the state department staff should be flushed.

  2. In their own minds Globalists are immune from
    laws, morals, common sense and any desire to
    have the respect of honest people.

  3. Tell me again how Trump is a bully who tramples the norms of international diplomacy and needs adults in the room to keep him out of trouble.

  4. Yes, Gin, the State Department needs a good flush with the strongest possible enema and has for at least 50 years. In addition why do we have 17 Intelligence agencies, they all need a good flush starting with Col Vindman (a disgrace to the uniform if there ever was one). He needs to be stripped of all benefits and pension after a long stretch in Leavenworth to set an example so that he and his ilk will not feel so comfortable to betray an elected President ever again.

  5. These are the people who had a conniption fit over Bushs’ waterboarding! Geneva Convention. We don’t need no steenking GC.


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