The real War on California

Patriot Retort: Yesterday, in response to the news that the DOJ is suing the state of California, Governor Jerry Brown said, “This is basically going to war with California, the engine of the American economy.”

First of all, let’s be honest here.

Calling California the “engine of the American economy” is kind of hilarious.

California is the poverty capital of the nation.

So I hate to break it to you, Jerry.

But if California is the engine of the American economy, America’s economy would be up on blocks near a Bay Area tent city surrounded by spent needles and human feces — with a homeless family sleeping inside.

But that’s beside the point.

Let’s discuss his claim that Jeff Sessions and President Trump are “going to war with California.”  MORE HERE

12 Comments on The real War on California

  1. We had the unfortunate experience of living in SoCa 25 years ago when Pete Wilson was governor.
    It was bad then. I can’t even wrap my head around how it is now.

  2. very sad commentary on the state of our nation today … Kalipornia used to be a siren-song for the rest of the country
    the only thing holding it together is the tech fascists
    now, it’s become just another typical socialist/progressive third-world shithole

  3. You do that Jerry. And keep your progtards in California to fight your war – don’t infect the rest of the country.

  4. Again, typical leftist projection. It’s Brown and Kapiphornia communists who declared war on America. Brown is trying to destroy America from within. Any doubts? Read the Venona Secrets, or None Dared Call it Treason.

  5. Judge: I’m not sure that Governor Moonbeam is the equal of Alger Hiss, the Rosenbergs, Klaus Fuchs, or Theodore Hall, but he sure as hell is an enemy within our country. Instead of selling our atomic secrets to the Soviet Union, he has been selling us out to the Third World Shitholers. In the long run, Brown May have done more damage than all those Soviet agents.

    By the way, have you read “ The Haunted Woods” ?

  6. Dianny, I agree with you 99.9 % of the time. But you got this one wrong. What makes California the engine of the economy is the Public Private partnerships with schools like Bezerkly and Standford. If you check the patents from the last 50 years from companies ranging from H.P. to AMAT you’ll find they are shared with one of this schools. But never fear, that will be destroyed soon enough.

  7. I’d be willing to bet that our idiot Governor Jay Inslee in Wash. state will be the next domino to fall. Then the Governor of Oregon etc. We used to joke about Ecotopia, now unfortunately it’s becoming all too real. And personally I hope the Feds frog march that dimbulb idiot female Mayor of Oakland out in shackles and chains on live TV in front of God and everybody to make an example out of her.


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