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The Regime Unleashes Bigoted Attacks on Chuck Schumer


Big news from the Middle East about the Iran deal.  It turns out that we were negotiating with the Iranians before Kerry was secretary of state.

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We were negotiating with the Iranians before the election of the “moderate” Rouhani.  We were negotiating an Iranian nuke deal with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad when nobody knew what was happening.  The Regime was telling us that they couldn’t do anything ’cause Ahmadinejad was such a radical extremist goofball.

We had to wait for a “moderate” to win, which was Rouhani, and after he did, that’s when we got serious.  It turns out none of that’s true. We had been negotiating with the Iranians long before then and signaling our willingness that they can nuke up.  This latest news is from MEMRI, which is a credible Middle East news source.  Details coming up.

What the Obama administration and the Democrat Party are doing to Chuck Schumer… They are treating Chuck Schumer as though he is a Republican, ’cause he is opposed — come out opposed to — the Iran deal.  The attacks they are mounting on him are bigoted — some might even say racist or ethnic — highlighting in every report “Chuck Schumer, noted Jew,” it says in the New York Times, “Chuck Schumer, noted Jewish senator from New York,” Washington Post.

They’re saying that Schumer voted against the deal because he’s in bed with the big money Jewish lobby.  They usually reserve that for Republican Jewish people.  But Schumer is getting it all from sides, led by the White House.   MORE


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  1. “The Regime Unleashes Bigoted Attacks on Chuck Schumer”

    Cynicism rears it’s ugly head with anything to do with Jarrett/Obama.

    Schumer who is a face in search of a camera, made his decision public in a late Friday afternoon news dump.

    Plus he said he didn’t have the power to change anyone else’s vote-give me a fucking break.

    Further, even with him changing his vote, there’s still not enough voted to over ride Obama.

    It was all done because he’s got a large(and apparently stupid) Jewish constituency. This attack by Jarrett/Obama is just window dressing IMO.

  2. Scumbag called 0bama and then they (scumbag/0bama) found cover (enough votes to pass deal/kill the legislation) for Scumbag to “go against” 0bama…..

    but the deal was for Scumbag to announce first on a Friday (news kill day)…..but 0bama announced first….

    this is all kabuki theater… ensure that Scumbag gets his Jewish donors to still give him election contributions…..

    anyway…’s blue on blue fratricide…..

    Who gives a rat’s a$$ what happens to either of them?

  3. Does anyone remember how after the 2009 Iranian elections the people were protesting in the streets calling it a rigged election and Obama did nothing? Now we know why

  4. Remember the 2009 election in Iran? The people were protesting in the street about it being a rigged election and Obama did nothing. Now we know why.

  5. I have a liberal Jewish friend who is adamantly opposed to the Iran deal, who can’t believe that sites like Daily Kos would so viciously attach Schumer. Time to wake up Michael.

  6. Ask you friend what he thinks about how homosexuals are treated in Iran and how many homosexuals over there have celebrated their “gay marriage”. Ask him why Daily Kos also supports/defends/distorts the truth on behalf of anti homosexual moslem bigots.

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