The relentless attacks on straight white males serve what purpose?

Here are a couple of stories that came into the mailbox today. (Can I say “came into the box” without being attacked for misogyny?) (I suspect if I said “came into the malebox” I’d be celebrated.)

As childish as my opening paragraph seems to be, it’s not. Like Christmas, straight white males aren’t under attack. (wink wink.)

A LAWYER sent in a post from American Military News about a fully tax-payer funded journal that jubilantly discusses the coming demise of the great white male. Could I get a grant from the government to fund my journal about how to put a lid on the rise of gay political power? And before some effete Marxist says, “it’s not the same,” IT’S THE SAME!

I know this is a rinky dink crap journal that no one sees. That’s not the point. The point is we’re paying for it!!! Sorry, but if I’m ever given the electric chair, I’m not buying a token for that ride.


Electric Literature is a New York-based nonprofit founded in 2009. Their website states that they are an online journal dedicated to making literature more exciting, relevant and inclusive.

The journal writes expansively on white privilege and its content is comprehensively from a leftist standpoint that is anti-capitalist and anti-straight white males, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

The journal features pieces titled “Why I Left Men for Books” and “On the Coming Extinction of the Great White Male.”

The Recommended Reading section features articles like “20 Authors I Don’t Have to Read Because I’ve Dated Men for 16 Years,” “The Last of the 14-Year-Old Virgins” and “On the Coming Extinction of the Great White Male,” according to The Washington Free Beacon.

No more than 3 minutes later I get this from Bad Brad-

Campus Reform-

UMN hosting prof to lecture on ‘the violence of whiteness’

  • The University of Minnesota has invited a professor dedicated to “dismantling whiteness” to speak next week on how whiteness is an “existential threat” to the United States.
  • Lisa Anderson-Levy believes that “teaching is a political act,” and will discuss ways to “decenter whiteness” at academic institutions.


I never thought that the phrase “Take It Back,” which became popular during the Obama administration, had anything to do with race – a charge the left made at the time. I took it to mean that we had to wrestle the country away from cultural Marxism and progressive economic policies.

Now I realize that the reason this charge was made by the left is because all along, in their minds, it was a race issue. Their agenda was to kill whitey, smash the patriarchy, and proceed with the faggening of America, and all the while making us subsidize it.

You know what?

Take it back.

If the professors keep it up, they are going to see just how violent whites can get.

(Theory. Could the left be goading straight white males into violence because they actually want it? What better way to control the populace without having the appearance of being a racist, or getting your hair mussed?)


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  1. I think the Left wants it. But they know they can’t and won’t fight back – they just want to be able to point and say ‘Teacher! Jimmy isn’t playing nice!’ with smug satisfaction.

  2. ‘the violence of whiteness’, “On the Coming Extinction of the Great White Male.”

    They’ve talked me into it. I’m a violent white male with toxic masculinity pumping through my veins. And I’m ready to start ripping heads off people that hate me.

    PS, the local news channel is streaming DJT’s inspection of the walls. Not a California elected or appointed person in the crowd. All ICE, Border Patrol (all armed by the way), SS, and contractors. I’m sure Browns feelings are probably hurt.

  3. All these loser lefties want to blameshift their problems onto the straight white male so that they can maintain their feelings that they themselves are not to blame for their own misery.

  4. I would just like to point out, throughout history, white males have invented new and better ways to kill our enemies with greater proficiency than before.
    It’s a pretty good idea to not wake the giants, unless you’re prepared for them to do what they have proven they excel at, eh?
    “…let’s kill all the lawyers.”

  5. Any white person promoting racial hatred against white people needs to find the nearest tall building or parking structure and jump off the highest level… or be thrown off. Either works for me.

  6. The purpose is to create racists and misogynists where there previously were none in order to prove their point.

  7. It’s about the left’s obsession with equality, because except Asians most non-whites have an IQ around 85 and as long as whites are the majority they will never have equality.

  8. I remember Hillary joining in on the “hands up, don’t shoot” bullshit.
    I remember Joe Biden saying “they gonna put ya’ll back in chains.”
    I remember the Obama administration sending officials to every black funeral they could blame on the cops.

    I could go on and on.
    Fact is the democrat party and the MSM are just itching for a race riot, no doubt whatsoever.
    It is irrefutable.

  9. The progressives have pretty much accomplished the “Communist Takeover Of America – 45 Declared Goals”

    They are doubling down on many of them (#39 as it relates to “gun laws”), and are now expanding the crazy in order to confuse and divide. They want us riled to the point of taking action, but have us surrounded so that we don’t know where the next attack will come from.

    I think they are trying to kill those of us who would be the biggest threat to their getting their way by raising our blood pressure with constant tiny (and then ever increasing) jabs. They want us to stoke out.

    Take heart, patriots. If not for President Trump, we might succumb. The winning we have experienced over the last year has given us hope while doing to the progressives what they want us to experience.

    Pray that God blesses our President and his administration – and keeps them healthy and safe. Amen

  10. I remember George Carlin doing a routine on the words SNATCH BOX AND PUSSY, where he said he heard them used in a Disney movie…”I’m going to SNATCH that PUSSY put it in a BOX and sneak it on the airplane!”

  11. Why am I not quaking in fear? The left excels at empty rhetoric. Action? Hmmm. Other than the occasional sucker punch of a grandma at a Trump rally they simply bray and snort.

  12. As a straight white male, I am hereby instructing all non-straight, non-white and non-male individuals that this war on straight white males will begin when I say it begins, it will end when I say it ends, and it will be conducted according to my rules – or else. Now go away and let me be while I relax from a hard day’s work.

    This also includes you, white soy boys.

  13. If and when the shit should ever hit the fan, this white male will not lift a finger to save one single leftist. Be it natural disaster, economic decline or war, they can all go piss up a rope.

  14. Call me crazy but I think the purpose is that they’re aiming at nothing more than status quo. They want things to stay exactly as now they are because

    (a) they know they can’t possibly win in a real civil war (see the Antifa fags who shove someone, get punched, then AS A GROUP walk away in shock whining, “Dude, what the F, man?!?” Pathetic but that’s their elite stormtroopers and they know it), and

    (b) there’s money or at least attention as “heroes” to be had the way things are now.

    So violence isn’t what they’re after. Not REAL violence against, say, Brad, where their overtures get returned upon them tenfold and without mercy, in the form of clouds of red mist where skulls used to be.

    No…all they want to do is keep throwing the occasional cup full of gas on the fire so it doesn’t go out because there’s money and fame to be had. They get their masked faces online, or these jackass professors, and the media gets to report on what freedom fighters and noble demigods they are.

    Why would they want to give that up for REAL violence they’re completely incapable of surviving?

    BTW. Nothing, even after their riots, really changes. Have you noticed that? Because THEY don’t follow through with these self-destructive, juvenile masturbatory gestures. It’s all theater to them. It’s fun because Obama set the precedent of allowing them to get away with it.

    So, I propose what Trump needs to do is cut off the power source to all this: the media.

    Go after it not as a free press (because it isn’t and no one on either side believes it is) but as the fifth column radicals it is infested with. CALL THEM WHAT THEY ARE and PROVE IT FROM THEIR OWN WORDS. More people than ever already believe it but are waiting for someone to actually SAY IT OUTLOUD. Someone who will be heard.

    That’s Trump. No one before him has had the capacity to say TO THE WORLD what we all have long wanted shouted from the rooftops.

    Now, I believe Trump has just started to do this, and I hope he ramps it up to 11. Once the media is completely neutralized by the one thing the Left cannot tolerate – ridicule backed by factual censure – that’s when idiocy like Antifa will vanish from the streets and be relegated to Tumblr and other scummy internet backwaters where they can stroke each other in private, while adult society will begin to gradually become more polite.

    Call me crazy but dat’s what I think is coming.

  15. Who is going to do it? Minority males are not smart enough and woman are neither smart or strong enough!

  16. Almost forgot.

    I am afraid it will also require a truly savage beating of at least one mob of Antifa faeries. Broken bones, hospitalization, snot running from crying exposed faces on camera, the whole nine yards, whereupon they get laughed at worldwide for not being the tough guys they pretend to be. That will set a precedent that BADLY needs setting, that people have had ENOUGH. The media will naturally try to condemn it but it won’t fly, making the media look even worse and exposing for all time exactly which side they’re really on.

    Just let Antifa be declared a domestic terrorist group. That should be all it’ll take.

  17. Am I wrong as a straight, white female married to a straight, white male to look upon all this in this way:
    (Because, seriously?, the Left is circling the drain right now and it’s only because — imagine it — the fact that the closer they get to the center of their own vortex, they sound so loud.)

    “To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
    Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
    To the last syllable of recorded time;
    And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
    The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
    Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player,
    That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
    And then is heard no more. It is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing.” ~Macbeth 5:5

    I think what we’re looking at is the final act of a bad play. I simply cannot take all this anti-white male stuff seriously. All I can think of are a LOT of graduate students who have to come up with increasingly weird hypotheses upon which to create a thesis, and associate professors seeking tenure who need to get published. This — THIS — right here is what will blow up the Left. They carry the seeds of their own destruction. The boil is getting hotter and more turgid. Why would I want to get anywhere near *that*!

  18. Someone needs to copy these responses, especially Wyatt, grool and AA, and send them to President Trump.

    He would get such a kick out of this!

    And I think you all should have jobs somewhere in his administration. Wyatt, you could be his personal advisor, ok?

  19. The urban betas have no idea of what they would face if their wish for a race war came true. One of my customers invited me to his bull riding party next Saturday, and I’m sure ten of the party attendees could take out several hundred urban betas without breaking a sweat. But the thing is, they don’t care about the whiny city scum. They’re living their lives, working, and having fun.

  20. They are going to keep digging at that hole that is their dark soulless life and tacitly expect the solution to come from us white hetero Christian males. And it will.

    But, it will be on our terms, and when and how will like it, just like all other human progress on this planet. Unapologetic Western Civilization.

    I’m ready.

    PS “Civilization” is not a noun, a static status. It is a continual process and it’s incomplete until we eradicate the shitheads and their stupid self-destructive ideas.

  21. “The relentless attacks on straight white males serve what purpose?”

    simple, really… it rids you of the only real opposition to your conquest
    every other ‘group’ has been compliant for centuries

  22. To what end? Straight white males – at least a lot of the ones I’ve known and known of, are the backbone of Western Civilization, for the most part. They:

    Protect their women
    Sacrifice themselves so their families can grow strong
    Have a sense of humor
    Do shit, even when they don’t want to
    Fix things, or at least try to
    Have a sense (if not intimate knowledge) of virtue
    Honor, too
    Are susceptible to the concept of guilt, as a guiding force when they screw up
    Don’t back down easily
    Value their lives, along with those of their family’s and friend’s.

    I hope this short and incomplete list gives a sense of what should be regarded with appreciation.

    What’s not to hate from the left? Most every brick and dab of mortar that describes a functioning and civil society that would prevent such a cancer from gaining ground is there – and boy, howdy, have they made inroads on a number of straight white women. Granted, not all those things are found in every man in every situation. I do think when the rubber hits the road, those traits and more will be there. Comport yourselves appropriately. This truly is war.

  23. Ummm, I am white (sorta pink right now), straight and hey! what the heck? Male. Is this where I am supposed to be offended?

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  24. Straight White males are the figurative “Jews” of the left.
    We are the ultimate evil responsible for all other evils.


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