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The Robo Wives of China

There are an estimated 30 million more men in China than women. The imbalance is an unforeseen consequence of the communist nation’s recently ended “one child” policy.

Realizing that they have a serious problem, the Chinese have been working on some innovative solutions. Here

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  1. This is a good reason not to get into a ground war with China. They could lose 10,000,000 men and feel like they are better off.

  2. The arrogance that is the force behind these disastrous social engineering disasters is the exact same arrogance that motivates a Bernie or an AOC and their acolytes.

  3. Should I ever find myself in the same room with a Moloch worshiper I do plan on asking them “so, you’re telling me that if the woman decides, at anytime, even minutes before birth, that if she does not want a daughter she can murder her baby girl and you are ok with that?”. Then calmly point out I must be the actual feminist where as they are just members to the news death cult on the world history block.

    Death cults; Moloch, Baal, Nazi, Communists and now Democrats. The Nazi’s had nifty party uniforms, Moloch and Baal had priestess giving away free sex and the communists just had raw power to get them through the night. Today’s Democrats don’t have nifty uniforms, I can do better shopping at a Good Will than what Antifa comes up with. If Pelis, Maxine Waters and AOC are the best they can come up for temple prostitutes then that is an epic fail. They can put forth their hottest Hollywood starlet of the hour and I would not touch her without a medical certificate stating she is clean of all known STD’s but even then I’d be scared because she might be a carrier of the newest unknown STD (think AIDS circa 1989). It must be the power; ‘they’ say power is better than sex. I would not know, I’m just an ethical monotheist who waited until I was married…. But I digress.

  4. I wanted one…But 0webamacare wouldn’t cover it…In the End

    It was just cheaper to have Barry’s Butthole Tightened

  5. There has to be absolutely nothing more degrading… can ya’ even imagine how you could possibly come up with more dehumanizing end results than progressive policies have produced?

    You can’t tell me this isn’t by design, the progs hatred for humanity is just dripping from them. I have given this some thought and believe that it emanates from a lust for tangible acting out their hatred for God himself.

    Diabolical narcissism doesn’t even fully explore the depths of their depravity. If you think you have seen it all…just wait. Seems to be their motto.

  6. If Obama or Hillary were in power, we would be bringing millions of Chinese men into the U.S. as “sex refugees”.

  7. “Unforeseen consequence?!?!” Are you kidding me? All anyone wanted was boys and this is “unseen?”
    The obvious solution would have been to just declare China “ALL MALE, ALL THE TIME. NO COVER CHARGE.”
    Turn the entire country into one big RamRod Club. And then rename the transformed nation.

    I’ll go first: “The Fortune Nookie”

    “With Sex You Get Egg Roll in The Hay”

  8. …but can they sew buttons on…

    “He put the cards back in his pocket, leered sociably, and said, “You like to meet my seestaire?”
    “Maybe,” said Fatso. “What does she do?”
    “Anything you want, sir,” said the young man eagerly. “She ees very nice.”
    “With a brother like you she must be,” observed Fatso. He bent over and touched the ground with his fingertips. Then he bent his knees till he was squatting on his heels and straightened up
    again a couple of times, keeping his fingertips on the ground, “How about that?” asked Fatso.
    “Can she do that?”
    The young man looked puzzled, but said “Cer-tain-ly. She can do eet that way—if you like.”
    “Whoops,” said Scuttlebutt, “You can learn something new every day in this part of the world. I’d
    like to see it done that way.”
    “How about my friends here,” asked Fatso, indicating Scuttlebutt, Sparky, and Satchmo.
    The young man said, “But of course. She take care of all of you.”
    “Can she sew buttons on?” asked Fatso
    Their friend cocked his head to one side and said, “Soubuddonson? … I never heard of before. .
    . . Ees a new way, maybe?” Fatso went through the motions of threading a needle
    and sewing a button on his sleeve.
    A light seemed to dawn on the young man. He put two fingers of his right hand on his left wrist
    and pumped his thumb as if giving himself a shot in the arm. “Yes, SIR,” he said. “I can get for you.”
    “This guy ought to go out to Berkeley,” observed Scuttlebutt. “They might even make him a college
    professor out there.”
    “No-o-o,” said Fatso, judiciously. “He’d be just a square out there. I don’t think it’s more than
    a week since he had a bath.””

    D.V. Gallery, “Cap’n Fatso”

    …interesting that folks from Berkley haven’t changed since this was written in 1969, too…

  9. I bought one, but it was usually “not tonight dear, I have a short circuit.” The divorce went fairly well, though – I only lost the house and half my money after I proved she ran off with the electric lawnmower.

  10. Tony R FEBRUARY 26, 2019 AT 6:44 PM
    If Obama or Hillary were in power, we would be bringing millions of Chinese men into the U.S. as “sex refugees”.

    No. They would bring them in on work permits. They’d have to be in the right age group.

  11. Do they satisfy the German Kaiser’s four K’s? Which are – Kinder, Küche, Kirche, and Kleider: Children, Kitchen, Church, and Clothing”. Ah, maybe, the commie rulers don’t want them messing about in politics, aka communists rule. Oh, wait, Kirche is probably verboten too. And substitute Geschlechtsverkehr.

  12. Do they take trade-ins? I have a 60 year old wife, highly educated with a sharp tongue, still good for a few more years. I would like 6′ tall, blond, 120 pounds and C breasts and programed to say say the F word.

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