The sad state of Democrats in Texas

American Thinker: Last Friday, two Democrats vying to be the Democratic gubernatorial candidate for the upcoming Texas race, Ms. Lupe Valdez and Mr. Andrew White, had a debate, but not many people watched it.

After all, here in Texas, we have one of the top 15 gross domestic products worldwide, and we have given the country several of its leaders, from LBJ to George Bush 41 to George W. Bush 43.  This isn’t prime growing space for Democrats, what with their focus on whining and victimhood.

So am I the only person who is bit underwhelmed by the Valdez-White campaign?

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  1. Not so sad, my friend….it’s one reason I’m here.
    Rural Texas is red as hell; most urban centers like SA, Austin-tatious, Houston, etc, etc., are …just hell.

  2. Andrew is a decent, intelligent, honest man with a lovely family. Unfortunately, he seems to have trouble expressing those solid values which I personally know he has. Decent democrats (yes, there are a few) just can’t seem to express themselves in this hate-Trump era. Sad.

  3. I did not actually know the names of the dem candidates. Governor Abbott is going to be reelected for sure.

  4. Anon, I’ve been watching both sides of the aisle for decades and have NEVER seen a “decent democrat”. IMHO, if he/she is a decent person, then he/she isn’t going to be a democrat (since they’re all Communists anyway). Yeah, I was raised in a Capitalist, Republican household.

  5. If I was a Texan, I wouldn’t exactly be ‘proud’ of LBJ: after all, one thing that he was responsible for was the “War on Poverty” farce which has helped lead to the Democratic Party support of welfare (as well as Affirmative Action) to gain the votes of the Black population.

  6. Red Pill-only dems are “proud” of LBJ. The rest of us recognized him for the crook he was. Came into power on stolen elections before all the dems started stealing elections.

  7. Mexicans Marxists and other illegals pouring over the border states are killing border states like Texas and California. Not only do the illegals vote Democrat they are attempting to rob us of all political seats in both Republican and Democrat parties.
    If they manage to get even half the seats in each party we will turn into Mexico.
    Every Republican flyer I have received from a “Latin” candidate in California fails to mention one
    word about illegal immigration. The flyers are written with Republican or Conservative talking points
    in order to fool Republican voters. Please be very careful who you vote for.

  8. LBJ and the Bush family did more harm to the republic than they ever did good. I like Texas but should you point out these turds as a bragging position?


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