The scandal of Charlottesville is not what the president said about neo-Nazis, it’s what the media said he said

The maliciousness of the lie the media spread is only eclipsed by the cretins who continue to repeat the lie.

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  1. We’ve all heard this truth, and it’s always puzzled me when this DJT statement about Charlottesville comes up, as it has a thousand times during panel discussions with Trump supporters in the mix, why they don’t call BS and clear the air rather than continue to let the lie go unchallenged? Fear maybe?

  2. This lie has the same form as all the other defamations of Trump, his supporters, and America generally. The source is not the media, but the media amplify and perpetuate them.

  3. Diogenes – I think it as simply more supporting evidence of the Media knowingly and actively pushing a destructive agenda. It’s a lie, they know it’s a lie. If they somehow want to cop ignorance about it then I’m calling Bullshit! Now you may have something with the fear aspect because I also think there is a herd or pack mentality involved here as well. The Media is a clique that no one wants to be ostracized from, but again that only supports the active involvement of pushing the collective agenda of the pack.

  4. Remember the Joseph Goebbels quote about telling a lie? It’s the MSM’s favorite quote, but you already knew that.

  5. The bashing of white folks is especially bad now.
    The Democrats have nothing for their presidential candidates to say they will do better than President Trump.
    So they have to cause controversy.
    Even if they have to lie about it – like Charlottesville.
    And the dishonest media is happy to play along. Over and over. Truth be damned.
    I hate what the Democrats are bringing to America.
    Hate. Dishonesty. Destruction.

  6. WDS

    Joe changed what had been the primary propaganda tool of the Socialist Workers’s Party since it founding, 145 years ago on the south side of the river in France – “tell a lie loud enough and long enough – soon folk will believe the lie is a fact.”!

    Which was always Adi’s policy.

    Joe said ” It is easier to get folk to believe a big lie than a small lie.”

    IMHO the Press has for 70 years, and still is, using the original NAZI tool, not Joe’s.
    Given the last 70 years of calling conservatives racists, what they are doing here is a very small lie. but they have told this lie thousands of times!

  7. Most people hear what they want to hear and believe what they want to believe with the truth playing no part in it.

    Then they repeat it, without examining or questioning it, to others eager to do the same.

    It’s a sign of the times we live in.

  8. NO
    the scandal is that there were people there who were exercising their constituional rights to assembly and speech and there were people there who put on masks and committed assault and battery to try to stop the first group, and we’re being forced to say that the former group is the bad guys and the latter group of criminals are the good guys.

    I have no respect for anyone who prostrates themselves toward the commiefags who are demanding this.

  9. I’ve heard this bullshit repeated at least a dozen times since Sunday.
    Pure sinister, pernicious, malicious lies.
    It frosts me so much I yell at the TV and then turn the damn thing off. 🙁

  10. white nationalism is just as legal as homosexuality.

    if they can constantly berate the legal institutions of white nationalism, then it is just as acceptable to berate the faggots.

  11. owning guns is constitutionaly protected.

    If the commiefags can ban certain guns to “keep us safe” even though guns are constitutionaly protected, then we can also ban muzzies from this country to keep us safe, even though there is a constitunial right to exercise religion.

    ask a commiefag why not. watch them spittle and drool and mumble trying to come up with an answer that doesn’t sound ‘so gay’.

  12. My BIL and others like him (rabid dims who know every fucking thing) will not accept any explaination or clarification of Trumps remarks. He (the BIL) happened to be at my house shortly after Charlottesville and the “fine people” comment had him agitated. I asked him, “were there not ordinary people, non-violent people at the protest who had genuine concerns about their history and heritage being erased by political correctness?”

    He said NO. There were no good people at the protests, only Nazis. I said, “well what about Antifa?” He said he didn’t know much if anything about them and anyway they weren’t the problem.

    So there you have it. Willful acceptance and promotion of damned lies because it’s what he and the rest of his ilk want to believe. They are more incensed than ever before and are, in my opinion, beyond redemption. I don’t think we can coexist.

  13. Every scandal is not what it is but what the media says it is.

    From the Holodomor to the Tet Offensive to Trayvon Martin and Ferguson to Charlottsville, the Truth is a distraction from the goal.

    To rule.

  14. Sadly it’s not just the National Media. Here in the middle of the middle of the Country our local “journalistas” afford the municipalities, sherriffs, PDs and school districts the privilege to review an article BEFORE it is shared with the public. After all, the truth of what is said, or what is done with our tax dollars?!?! It’s not the job of our podunk propagandists to explain what they print is what the groups above want you to know…after all the little piggies who deserve the sheets feel bad if you speak about how they cannot compete in the real world. Pretenders across the land.

  15. The media was always secretly biased. Now, it’s completely corrupted. I rarely pay attention to it. I guess a lot of people don’t, either.

    The free market should have corrected that, but the media and government bureaucrats now inter-hire – happened during the sewer spill known as ‘obama’.

    Man, elections do have consquences.

  16. Back when the KKK had power, they were (D)irtbag party thugs. Now that they are powerless they just show up at conservative events to embarrass normals.

    Same for the Nazis – when they were powerful, they were very popular with US progressives ‘the way of the future’ – till they crossed the Soviets.

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