The Scariest Song I’ve Ever Heard!


Mark Steyn: I Thought I Saw A Pussy Cat

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  1. Cute Song for the kiddo’s.
    How does he get that “R” in the word Saw?
    Michael Save does it too.Just curious.

  2. Gutfeld always finds a way to tease him about this on his show, Steyn seems to get a bit annoyed that nobody seems to have listened to the rest of the album.

  3. While Listening to him when he subs for Rush, i am always thinking of the guy who played the doorman on The Jefferson. But now i will never be able to listen after hearing this.

  4. yall are too hard… steyn sings jus’ fine….

    give a listen to his “cat scratch fever,” sometime….

    oh, and yes, i have listened to the whole album….more than once….

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