The Schizophrenic New York Times Endorsement

Patriot Retort: Quick, without looking it up, do you know which Republican received the New York Times endorsement in the 2016 primary?

It was late January 2016 just days before the Iowa Caucus, and the NYT gave its endorsement to this guy:

Ah, yes.  The mailman’s son.

And, boy, was he delighted to receive the not-so-coveted New York Times endorsement.

A bunch of people who wouldn’t vote Republican with a gun pointed to their head like him!  They really, really like him!

Getting the New York Times endorsement sure made a difference for the Kasich 2016 campaign, didn’t it?

Well, here we are four years later. And all day yesterday, the New York Times was hyping their upcoming endorsement for the 2020 Democrat primary – so much so you’d think they were teasing something people actually gave a damn about. more here

8 Comments on The Schizophrenic New York Times Endorsement

  1. I would vote for lie-a-watha or
    feel-the-commie-burnie before Kia-bosch.
    God Help Us.

  2. At least they didn’t endorse Butt-hurt Bernie & Butt-gigged. If they did they could call them “The Democratic B&B”. (Of course then all the Progs would be asking where they could sleep for free.) Of course we would know them as the:
    & the

  3. They must have let the male feminists at the NYT make that weaselly endorsement. You’re still not getting laid, you greasy men.

  4. They’re just covering their behinds. By giving Warren a half-endorsement they claim their radical credentials. By also naming Klobuchar they get to say they liked a leftie who was not all-out nuts.

  5. One is a phony, lying Progressive Socialist, and the other is an unattractive Progressive Moderate. If either one of them gets across the finish line and wins the nomination, she will become the second female gendered candidate to underestimate Donald J. Trump’s appeal to Americans who don’t want to be Fundamentally Transformed into Socialists and accused of being racist because they want to stop their country from being invaded by millions of illegal aliens.

  6. “Vote Early; Vote Often”
    The Demonrat motto.

    The NYT knows that voter fraud will be rampant this cycle, so they’re suggesting that at one time, or another, the fraudulent voters vote at least once for each.

    izlamo delenda est …

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