The Secret of La Chancla


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  1. .45-70 told me of his Mom being a lifelong polio victim and on crutches since she was a toddler….He said he didn’t know how she did it, but she could kill a fly on the counter top and smack the living shit out of him from 10 feet away….LOLOLOL…..

  2. My mother’s version was a rubber spatula / bowl scraper. She’d carry it in her purse. She couldn’t wield it from across the room, but she sure could threaten from there. Interesting thing – I can remember her actually whacking me with it just one time, the threat was just as effective.

  3. My Mom used La Busted Ping Pong Paddle, La Belt and La Busted fly swatter. If she was not available or busy my Dad would be creative and use any available item. Results rarely varied.

  4. my mom would go to the 5 & Dime store & buy a paddle ball (remember those?) … missing the ball. or would make me go outside & cut a switch from a Goldenrod bush … man, those things stung on your legs

    my dad was a part-time barber … he used a razor strop … “Wait until your father comes home” took on a punishment all its own

  5. My grade school had a lay teacher who used to hang misbehaving kids up on coat hooks, throw erasers and chalk at them, and make them stand still while holding piles of books out at arms length.

    Mr. Mars, was his name, and pain was his game. Fortunately, little Jimmy didn’t get him as a teacher and avoided having to kick his ass.

    Yes, it was a Catholic grade school!

    Edit: I didn’t know how many Jimmy’s it would have taken to kick his has, but I knew how many I could have used.

  6. These devices cured ADHD quickly. Attention Deficient?
    Let me help you focus.

    I didn’t like it at the time, but I sure do appreciate it now.

  7. I got the strong hand behind method from my dad, but i knew I deserved it when he did it. I wasn’t the best kid in behavior, but I did get the message. Sadly though, I wasn’t exactly fond of my dad. Makes a difference in life.
    Properly applied discipline is effective for training children who really do need parental guidance. Try it in a public place, or even if “concerned” neighbors or teachers get a whiff of it and report it to police, and the parent becomes an arrested child abuser. There are continual news accounts of very criminal kids and youth committing everything from theft to murder all because they didn’t have parent(s) who taught them right from wrong and how to control themselves. And any single, childless adult can always tell parents how to raise children correctly?

  8. One of my shop teachers threw a charged capacitor at a poor kid who was sleeping in his class, boy did it ever get his attention. And my mother in law with her slip on tennis shoes was deadly, she’d kick those puppies up in the air quick as a flash and nail my wife and her 8 siblings when they got out of hand. She was also an ace at nailing mice with canned goods. My mom also had a pretty good backhand, she rattled my teeth pretty good and knocked me across the room when I didn’t turn down Country Joe and the Fish singing the Fish Cheer, gimme an F fast enough for her not to hear it. I was 16 and stupid and never did that again. And my father in law was the Vice Principal at the Catholic grade school that my wife and her brothers and sisters attended, so he was a double whammy both at school and home when his kids got out of hand.

  9. My dad finally gave up trying to straighten me out. He called ahead to the police department to make sure it was OK to bring a young delinquent in for a tour of the jail facilities. So my dad loaded me in the car without telling me where we were going. I about shit my pants when we pulled up to the police station. My dad brought me in, the deputy was expecting me, and I got a tour of the jail. Talk about making an impression. It nearly cured me of my ways.

  10. One of my favorite mother in law stories came later after my wife and I were married and we were at a picnic at their house and one of my wife’s younger brothers retarded mixed breed dog that was named Zig snuck up behind her in the Kitchen and stole and ate a whole pack of hot dogs behind her back. And then he had the audacity to smile at her like nothing happened until a few seconds later all the hot dogs came back up all over the floor. Needless to say she didn’t like that dog and he was banned forever from their house. We all laughed like hell at that though.

  11. Still no clue how Latinas go from looking like Selena Gomez to Dolores the housekeeper in the span of one lifetime.

  12. La Chacla = Muy efectivo.
    Paddled my sons behind with my fancy, pink, flower chaclas at the pool a few years back. He was four at the time and It was quite a site. he knew what was coming and he threw himself on the ground and I had to bend way over, and wrestle him in my skirt with me fanny showing. My friend thought for sure someone would call the police. No one did and my boy never spit at me again.
    I also use Labelt, Lawoodenspoon and Lapaintpaddle 😉

  13. Tough love. Aka facing consequences is a good thing. In my teen years I shoplifted a set of wrenches from a retail outlet. But they were for a friend. Jack.

    Well, Jack’s dad called my dad. My dad hauled me and the wrench set down to the retail store and boy was i in trouble. Dad threw me at their mercy.

    Long and short of it… paid double for the wrenches by working my tail off. And the humiliation set me straight.

    Remember when parents were the police and not the apologists, protectors and enablers of their kids?

    I love my dad for doing that

  14. “My” fanny. I’m Mexican, not Mexican☘️
    @Aaron- mucho bebes y mucho tortillas
    And, most are not getting much sleep as they’re working two jobs that require, at least some amount of physical labor, and raising several children.

  15. “She was also an ace nailing mice with canned goods.”
    “Why did I laugh so hard at that?”

    Because you used ballistic physics to calculate it works best with a quarter pound** of hoopers happy harvest mushroom pieces and stems cans. You mathleet.

    **You know, those small cans.

  16. Irish German Roman Catholic raised by a divorced single mother.
    Knowing a butt lashing was coming, my brother and I (6&7 year olds) lined our undies with comic books. We laughed so hard afterwards getting the spanking of a lifetime.
    Never forget karma.
    Got to almost 13, said something stupid and insulting to Momma.
    Like a MLB star Mom flung a Blue chip porcelain Lemonade pitcher dead center, (luckily jumping slightly) was only graze.
    Went for a walk, and never disrespected Momma again,,,

  17. Metal pancake flipper or whatever she had in her hand at the moment I sassed her.
    Mostly a wooden cpoon though. I just remember the pancake turner the best.

    I once used the kitchen spray hose on my daughter who was all dressed for a date. Her makeup and hair got dripping wet. Yes, she deserved it and tells her friends about it. They love it now that they raised teens

  18. Mrs Toxic Deplorable used a woven rattan rug beater on our four younguns. Long reach, whippy, very effective.

  19. I used wooden spoons and a curved spatula. The curved spatula didn’t hurt as much but it made such a loud horrible sound it was sometimes more effective.


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