The Senate Turtle is Already Trying To Temper Trump’s Partisan Vision

Leave it to McConnell to start already with the “reach across the aisle with an olive branch” bullsh!t. This is exactly why Trump was elected, so we could control both branches of legislation and the executive and get things done. We went as much repeal and walking back of the left’s agenda and McConnell is fretting about it.

McConnell is singing the praises of Chuck Schumer and vocally tempering the “drain the swamp”
rhetoric in an attempt to save their own “career politician” asses. On this issue, these idiots are comrades in arms.

Let’s drain the swamp of the turtle.


“We’ve been given a temporary lease on power, if you will. And I think we need to use it responsibly. I think what the American people are looking for is results. And to get results in the Senate, as all of you know, it requires some Democratic participation and cooperation.”

He cautioned that “overreaching after an election is, generally speaking, a mistake.”

“In a day when people were voting for change, they didn’t decide they wanted to change the Republican Senate, which I am proud of. And of course, many of our members actually had bipartisan accomplishments to run on,” he said.

The majority leader also chatted today with the presumed upcoming Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.). They did not discuss, he said, whether Democrats plan to block a Trump Supreme Court appointment like GOPs planned to do with a Hillary Clinton appointment. But McConnell predicted they’re “going to get along fine” as dueling leaders:  “I respect him. I think he’s very smart. And I think we’ll be fine. We both have our roles to play.”

On Trump’s vow to “drain the swamp” through term limits, which would require a constitutional amendment, McConnell commented: “I would say we have term limits now. They’re called elections. And it will not be on the agenda in the Senate.”

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  1. People to Govt: Here’s a MANDATE! Do what the man we we elected says!!!!!
    Govt:snivel,whine…I HAVE NO BALLS,WORRIED THEY WON’T LIKE US! …must have consensus with opposition,who wouldn’t hesitate to betray us if the tables were reversed!

  2. yeah, Newt was on w/Hannity tonight talking about how Trump ‘needs’ McConnell to get his cabinet picks confirmed, blah, blah, blah. Trump will be Trump and not forget who got him elected. And it sure as heck wasn’t McConnell.

  3. McConnell is singing the praises of Chuck Schumer and vocally tempering the “drain the swamp”
    rhetoric in an attempt to save their own “career politician” asses.

    That’s one way of putting it.

    Acting like the liberal Democrat he really is, is another.

  4. Grrrr. I hate when these jerks use that line “we have term limits, they’re called
    elections”. Followed by a self satisfied smirk.
    JUST ONCE, the interviewer needs to ask: So, you don’t believe you should have the same restrictions as the President and Vice President. Why not?

  5. He cautioned that “overreaching after an election is, generally speaking, a mistake.”

    So is underreaching. Ask John “I cry at the drop of a hat” Boehner how that worked out for him.

  6. DJT just won the big prize battling the best Soros, The Uni Party, and the corrupt media. I’m not thinking Turtle boy is going to put to much of a battle. Fing weak sister. And weak chin,

  7. The Left raised the black flag. They lost. They deserve the consequences, and a thousand times worse.

    No mercy. Absolute destruction for them, for their institutions, for their agenda.

    We need to make it impossible for them to attempt to destroy this country, for as long as we can, in the time we have.

    Anyone trying to compromise with the enemy is a traitor.

  8. MJA “OK not to be rude, buy I thought turtleman died.”

    NO, it was a dream I had the same dang dream. Awesome dream, but still a dream.

  9. Trump will need to take this old dud out back and school him. If he doesn’t he runs the risk of being stopped before he gets going.

  10. Here we go again with another guy with ‘Mc’ in his name, like Juan ‘McStain’ McCain. I’m trying to think of what to do with “McConnell” and all I’ve got is “McPost Turtle.”

  11. This guy is such a moron. We have spent 8 years having our faces shoved in the dirt. We just threw out the oppressors, and we want no part of their communist BS. Does McConnell think he is some kind of awesome statesman, or something? He STILL does not get it. Build the wall, throw him over on the other side.

  12. This hack is looking for a reach around. Screw him with term limits baby.

    Memo to Trump, Day one, Item 3, Term Limits.

    1 be the wall buildification
    2 be the Ofuckmecare nuclear annihilation

  13. you will never hear schumer or any democrat ever say such things, hell, it was obama who said “elections have consequences, i won”.

    come on you turtle looking mf’er, man up, grow a set and lead not follow into the future of a great America.

    if you have to ask the opposition for support or permission why did you run for office asshole?

  14. I live in Kentucky and I am counting down the days until we can get rid of this sniveling idiot. I will never vote for him again, nor will any of my friends or family. Mitch, retire already and stay out of Kentucky.

  15. I have a couple of friends from Louisville, they are libs. They both think McPost is doing a fine job, I was so confused, had to check McPost’s political affiliation.
    The chinless wonder needs to switch parties, he has lied to us long enough.

  16. The turnover in the US Senate is lower than it was in the Soviet Politburo. Trump needs to use the bully pulpit to quarterback a convention of the states to rectify this, reinforce the second amendment, end foreign aid and government welfare.

  17. The only thing Mitch has over-reached is his ability to represent the People of the US.
    He and Ryan must be released from their leadership positions, they have proven repeatedly they are not worthy.

  18. “We both have our roles to play.”, well that is the problem as I see it. Playing a role means you are pretending, and Mitch pretends to be a conservative when the mic is hot.

  19. McConnell and the Mensheviks are possessed of a slave mentality and are perfectly content to be the lickspittles and lackeys of their Bolshevik tormentors.
    Reid imposed the “nuclear option” to advance his nihilistic, socialist agenda, and this fool (stooge) McConnell repealed it upon becoming “Majority” leader. And, actually, he isn’t a fool; he’s a traitor – a traitor to his Party, to his State, and to the People of the United States (his Sovereign). He is a slave by temperament and through his allegiance to the soul-killing nihilism of socialism. But this is what is mistakenly taken for “statesmanship” in our decaying political culture.

    izlamo delenda est …

  20. Bury this guys office in phone calls and e-mail. Protest in front of his house and office. Drive these cocksuckers OUT!!!!!

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