The ‘Sexy’ Mister Rogers Costume

Yandy, a company best known for making women’s lingerie, swimwear, dresses and costumes has unveiled a version of the classic Mister Rogers outfit that leaves very little to imagine for the Kingdom of Make Believe.

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  1. OK…I’ll buy that…not me personally, but anyone that does should be vetted to make sure the fit into to it JUST LIKE THAT MODEL, or NO SALE!

  2. Finally! Elizabeth Warren gets a fashion design (cardigan sweater) that she can wear… All except for filling out the boobie parts. But those hot pants on a 70 woman… cant wait!

  3. What sicko associates this with Mr Rogers?

    IT is a very inappropriate costume for…ANYONE to be wearing.

    And there’s a Bob Ross version? NOT.GOING.THERE.

  4. “Uh-oh – some of you children have been naughty. I believe that calls for a light spanking. Let’s let King Friday hold the paddle…”


  5. OK, it’s time lay Lady Aberlin in the Museum-Go-Round-The-World.

    You kiddies can watch, but you have to be quiet as mice.

  6. I feel particularly dense tonight. I just don’t get it.
    If attractive women wearing somewhat suggestive clothing, naughty school girl stuff, was presented without the Mr. Rogers reference, the association would not have been made by me.

    What am I missing?

  7. No, just no. If I was still 30, I wouldn’t wear that costume. It is stupid beyond belief. However, I don’t doubt it will sell to trannies and homosexualss.

  8. Last year I wanted to attend a costume party dressed as a pull toy – buck naked wearing roller skates. My wife vetoed the idea. She was gentle with my feelings and didn’t point out some of my idea’s shortcomings.

  9. I haven’t worn a Halloween costume since about 1982… but about four years ago on October 31st a woman tried to pull off my handlebar mustache. She screamed, her eyes welled up in tears, and she said, “Oh Jesus Christ it’s not fake! I’m so sorry!”

    My eyes welled up with tears, too. But I couldn’t help but laugh.

  10. Note to self don’t go to Cherrybark’s dress up parties if the theme is toys.
    I bet she more than vetoed that idea, I bet she made you stay home and hand out candy.

  11. Doc reminds me of something I read a while back:
    “There should be a law requiring that people wearing animal print designs MUST be smaller than the animal portrayed.”


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