The Shadow Knows


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Calling all readers:

Your critter pictures are needed! If you would like me to use pictures of critters that you have taken, please email them to me at:

Please use the word ‘Critters‘ in the subject line and include your screen name in the body of the email.

Please do not send images found on the internet, as I will use only royalty-free images.

When your pictures are used, they will be attributed the day they are included in the Sunday Critters posts.

Thank you very much!


10 Comments on The Shadow Knows

  1. However you come up with these themes Claudia, they are always great. Animals are Earth’s angels.
    MJA, it is a sweet pic in particular for us since we just neutered our younger Dane (15mos) … and now they’re no longer there. 😉

  2. @geoff the aardvark
    I had Charley, a red heeler, who hated crows. He would see the shadow of the crow flying overhead and go berserk, barking and chasing it.


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