Regated: Lately, something has changed in the world. Myself, and other REGATED contributors, have noticed an abrupt shift in the cultural lifestyle in modern countries as a whole. And no, I’m not just talking about how the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union and the pro-Country effect that it is having in Great Britain. (Although, that is definitely a sign of the change.)

What we are witnessing is death to the politically correct era – something that has been prevalent for longer than we have known. Let’s take Donald Trump as an example. Donald Trump is the king of being ‘politically incorrect,’ something that he loves to talk about. And although not many people are aware, he has long considered a serious run for the presidential seat. But there just wasn’t space in United States culture to allow his bid to flourish. Until recently. Let’s take a look at his presidential past, courtesy of TV Guide:  MORE


  1. The Seed of Independence has always flourished in American soil.
    Political Correctness is oppression.
    Like a blanket of snow. Nothing can grow under it
    Maybe this long winter will finally be over

  2. This explosion of liberal insanity: BLM, refugee dumping, radical pislam, etc. People are finally waking up. Maybe it took Trump, and his politically incorrect ways, to show people it can be done.

  3. Lazlo. My Dad and I were watching “The Patriot” the other night and towards the end of that last inspiring battle scene I turned to my Dad and said, “That’s the one thing they cannot kill. The American Spirit.”

  4. The ship of state is caught in a permanent descending-to-port death spiral.

    Mr. Trump’s “political in-correctness” is only un-PC relative to the vast, staggeringly oppressive PC-ness that pervades every aspect of our culture.
    The man knows better than to call things what they are. He knows better than to express the fact that negroes are not oppressed – except by their Demonrat Plantation Masters and their own sense of entitlement. He knows that mexicans are a pox on the land, a drain on the economy, and a source of disease, but he maintains the fiction that “only a few” are criminals (EVERY illegal IS a CRIMINAL!) and that after murdering and rampaging across America they may need to be deported. He pretends that moslems are for the most part “good people” while ignoring the fact that moslems (if they truly believe in the koran) are bound by that belief to infect the entirety of the world with their Satanic vision and practices. We will see if the world has finally grown weary of mendacity and oppression, but I perceive no lessening of the calls for Universal disarmament of individuals (thus facilitating tyranny) or a willingness to repeal socialized medicine or a return to the sovereignty of We, the People of the United States.

    But then, again, I stay home alot.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Tim, its the law of club and fang with these people (I mean the Left).
    We are safe from their fangs only as long as we actively wield the club.
    Liberals are the deferred maintenance of our society. You cannot let them alone or they will destroy your whole house.

  6. I hear and feel the frustration and I see glimmers of hope (as in Brexit). But mostly, I see the slow approach of the cliff. Millenials do not understand freedom or privacy, and so will vote away both. Meanwhile, the older generation loses freedoms daily. Christian Mingle is ordered to allow same-sex searches. Transgenders continue to push their agenda. Restrictions on abortions are peeled away. Businesses lose the ability to set their own working conditions and wages, while being taxed to pay for welfare recipients who do not wish to work. The cost of college soars while educational quality continues to decline and indoctrination increases.

    If I couldn’t keep a sense of humor about it all, I’d be really depressed.

  7. What is that on Trumpo’s thumb?? It…it looks like a tiny face! It’s…it’s…ohnooooooooo! It’s Mr. Ericko!!

  8. Bush 41 was talking about it 25 years ago, but the Alinsky use of what is pretty much the same thing goes back another 25/

  9. @Lazlo
    ‘Liberals are the deferred maintenance of our society. You cannot let them alone or they will destroy your whole house. ‘

    True. Reminds me of raccoons, the diseased nuisances, that get into homes. Tear up everything, eat all the food they can find, crap it out all over the place and refuse to leave.

  10. Mark Levin is still warning us that Hillary will win in a landslide because Ted Cruz was not chosen. Trump, he says, is no different than Clinton/Sanders when it comes to trade, commerce, quantitative
    easing, tariffs, and what the fuck?
    He won’t give Trump a smidgen of credit for anything, and if he does he takes it back next sentence Never realized he is so smitten by Cruz. Same with National Review. Now begging for donations, on 7/11 in one little snip, they declared Trump hapless, inexperienced,
    ignorant, unstable, and incompetent.
    I find it hard to deal with.

  11. That Damn Levin has wore out his welcome on my radio. I don’t think I’ll even try again for a while.

  12. Hey, if half of America thinks Obama’s doing a great job, the other half can think Trump will do a great job too.

  13. In a few short months none of this stuff is going to matter anymore. It will be like America 3.0. There will be other problems to grapple with, but I suspect we will have a bit of a spring in our steps and a renewed hope where there was none. I think those who want to rain on our parade will be as welcome as tainted mayonnaise at an August picnic.

    I am thrilled beyond thrilled that one of my three top issues has been directly addressed by Trump: Enforcement of the law of the land and reestablishing that law enforcement — the beat cop to the court judge — have the right and obligation to enforce the law equally.

    Mark Levin, Erik Erickson, National Review and the rest of the #NT’ers will fade away as quickly as a Pet Rock fad. They’ve taken what once was the precise tip of the conservative spear and turned it into a cudgel against reasonable (or “common sense”, if you will) conservative Americans. They’ve become the radical counterpoint to their enemies on the radical left; I believe thinking that their ordinary, *lesser*, conservative cohort are incapable of either recognizing or acting against the progressive left. But what they’ve shown us is that their intellectual and moral snobbery is at least as insufferable as that on the left. Whether the extreme right or left, this country cannot do its best while living on the knife’s edge. In addition to dealing with the very real daily problems imposed by eight years and more of economic policy disasters (bank bailouts, imploding mortgages, horrible trade pacts, and you know the rest), Americans are suffering protracted battle fatigue with politics and politicians. At this point in our history, if you aren’t coming up with a solution, you are unnecessary ballast and will be jettisoned in a few short months.

    Remember today because I think we soon will be astonished at how limited our thinking was and how stale and predictable everything had grown. I often think of how frequently people choose the analogy of “rearranging the chairs on the Titanic” to describe their cynicism and defeat. I believe soon we will find ourselves no longer on a doomed 1912 cruise ship, but a 2017 Dream Shuttle. I do.

  14. Our country’s leftward leanings have been apparent for more than a half-century now. I consider two events to be landmarks for setting the stage for libs to run wild:

    –Supreme Court strikes down prayer in public schools (1963–my 1975 high school class is the last class to have had mandatory prayer, in kindergarten).
    –Americans act like retards in the voting boohs and fail to elect Barry Goldwater as president (1964).

    I hope things change quickly.

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