The Shiite is about to hit the fan – Trump formally recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

The Week-

President Trump formally recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital on Wednesday, though the embassy will remain in Tel Aviv for security purposes for the next six months. “There will of course be disagreement and dissent regarding this announcement — but we are confident that ultimately, as we work through these disagreements, we will arrive at a place of greater understanding and cooperation,” Trump said.

The decision is extremely controversial, both fulfilling a campaign promise Trump made to evangelical Christians and pro-Israel supporters and angering U.S. allies abroad. Saudi Arabia’s King Salman reportedly warned Trump that “moving the U.S. embassy is a dangerous step that provokes the feelings of Muslims around the world.”

Trump has been told by others that the move could derail the already shaky peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, but Trump insisted the United States is not taking sides. Read more about why the decision is so controversial here at The Week, and watch some of Trump’s comments below. Jeva Lange

32 Comments on The Shiite is about to hit the fan – Trump formally recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

  1. He’s just walking the walk…after 20 years of others talking the talk.
    Also makes for great trolling of the muzzie terrorist world!


    NOW, every sparrow that falls from the sky, will shift from Global Warming to Jerusalem Capitol.

    Just watch……

  3. What peace talks? What peace? More Muzzie deflections …
    The Muzzies will use any reason for continued terrorism, one of whose aims is to obliterate Israel out of existence, whether the capital is in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, etc.

    All the honor — Mr. President !!

  4. So Trump crosses their red line, so now what? They start terror attacks? Too late, already happening. They have no major increase of action, and anything they do will elicit a response from the greatest military power on Earth.

  5. Interestingly enough, Michael Savage is condemning this move. He’s ranting that it will cause WWIII. Must be something in the water in the Bay Area.

  6. It is the capital of Israel. What other country has had to put up with bullshit from the rest of the world insisting that their capital isn’t? None that I can think of. President Trump has righted a terrible wrong. God bless President Trump!
    Remember how the last administration actually removed Jerusalem and/or Israel from actual maps?

  7. Now the international snowflakes are screaming for a safe space. They seem to believe that if we would capitulate and let the bad guys see that we mean them no harm they will eventually become good guys.

  8. Bravo, President Trump! This will only solidify his reputation as a no nonsense world leader. Despite the saber rattling and hand ringing, the world will have to accept what cannot be denied – Jerusalem is the heart of Israel.

  9. I have a friend who has his panties in a twist over this. I told him the Allahmonkeys can pray 5 times a day everyday thanking their incarnation of Baal that I’m not the POTUS. If I were POTUS I would have personally drove a bulldozer to clear the foundation for the Jews to rebuild their temple. I would have the 101st surrounding me and while driving the dozer telling which ever reporter was invited to ride along- Oh this? This is payback for 9/11 and all the crap that has happened since then. And if the Allahmonkeys keep it up the next step will be that black rectangle thing in Mecca they worship. But it won’t be a bulldozer- it will be an Allah-damn Neutron bomb. Which means they can take a picture of it but woe be to the monkey that goes there for a pilgrimage for the next how many years.

    That put things into perspective for my panicky friend.

    We should be doing crazy things to screw with their minds. with our technology we should be special effecting “home movies” of leading Islamic scholars- of doing stuff like gambling or drinking wine. Then up it to eating bacon and doing hot chicks and then whatever those farm type fetish but with hogs. I digress.

  10. There will never be peace between the Palestinians and Isreal — the Palestinians and Hamas will see to that.

    And the Muslims thugs will bring violence no matter where the capital is located. It’s all they know.

  11. Oh, BTW, other nations are following PDT’s leadership and plan on moving their Embassies to Jerusalem. Just amazing what true leadership can effect and it feels glorious that our Nation can once again be that shining city on a hill. God bless our President and our nation and Israel.

  12. For years, politicians have been promising Israel to make Jerusalem its capital. None did. Trump did.
    Now the same politicians are up in arms because Trump a Christian did it. Just listen to the Jews, Feinstein, Schumer, Sanders, Savage and others screaming that Trump will start WW111. WTF?
    Mark Levin jumped all over their phony asses tonight. The cat is out of the bag. No matter what President Trump does, it’s wrong. We Americans are wise to all you fake, phony, frauds. Take a phucking hike!

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