The Silent Majority Won’t Be So Silent Come November

Townhall/ Larry O’Connor:

A stunning new poll from the Cato Institute shows 62% of Americans are afraid to openly share their political beliefs with a whopping 77% of Republicans fearing some sort of backlash for being “outed” as a Trump-supporting conservative.

No one who has been paying attention to our society should be shocked by this.

From Fox News’ Tucker Carlson nearly getting doxxed by The New York Times to New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees being ostracized by the same sports league he helped enrich to a teacher in Michigan getting fired for saying Donald Trump is our president (which, last time I checked was an undeniable fact) publicly expressing any opinion that goes against the authors of The 1619 Project or the most extreme sexual deviance of Hollywood’s radical left endangers one’s privacy, career, and even physical well-being.

The culture that has been fostered and empowered by intersectional academic elites protected by tenure at well-endowed (and government-funded) universities as well as the arbiters of acceptable behavior who sit behind plexiglass desks in cable news studios high above the streets of Manhattan, the lessons have been carefully and painfully taught to all Americans. If you’re not in-line with the woke minority with the loudest voices, better stay quiet if you know what’s good for you. more

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  1. What percentage of people still have land lines?
    Who would answer an unknown caller on cell phone? I personally have blocked hundreds of phone numbers.
    Who would answer an obvious pollster?
    Many people move and keep old cell phone number so area code and number do not necessarily identify actual location of the person with that number.
    There is no national presidential election. It is 50 states and their electoral college votes that count.

  2. You can listen to Larry every day on WMAL 3-6pm (iHeartRadio). I do. I pretty much hang on WMAL M-F.
    9-12 Chris Plante, who totally rocks.
    12-3 Rush.
    3-6 Larry O’Connor.
    6-9 Mark Levin.

    I don’t work for WMAL. It’s just what I listen to.

  3. If you want to be “outed” as a Trump supporter and anti commie leftest, all you need to do is fly the AMERICAN FLAG at your house!

  4. Been doing it for the last 20 years, Doc.

    If anyone here hasn’t been flying the Stars and Stripes, it’s never too late to start. You may be surprised that some of your neighbors will start doing the same. That happened on my street.

  5. @PHenry – we listen to WMAL all day too, for about 30 years it seems like! I’ve met Chris at a couple of events in DC and he is the real deal. Plus he’s the best looking guy on radio… Larry does local stuff too which just showcases the idiocy of living in the DC metro area.

  6. Being retired gives me the liberty to speak my mind publically.
    Being legally armed gives me the confidence to do so.
    Being Republican gives me the knowledge that I am right on both.

  7. @mickey. I am right there with you. I will milk employment as long as I can. And it doesn’t hurt to be perceived as the smartest guy in the office, which gives me latitude on my political utterings. Which I mostly keep to myself. But sometimes I let it fly. Full boat Social Security happens in September and having built a retirement gives one the ability to say Fuck it. See ya.
    I encourage everyone to squirrel away assets. It’s liberating. I just wish I done a little more.

    Oh. The money I wasted on frivolous things.

    Contributing to IOTW not being one of those things, incidentally. I consider that to be an investment in education for future generations.

    I urge everyone to donate. It is a good thing.

  8. Heck yeahs! MAGA 2020! The left won’t know what hit them. Payback for being on house arrest, bullied into wearing a worthless mask because of a bad cold strain for months on end by order of leftist edicts.

  9. @super toe

    He’s hilarious. Plante has Alinsky #5 Ridicule down to a science. Hopefully he’s back this week. His fill in, Opelka, is pretty good. But he ain’t Plante, who is quoted by guys like Louie Goehmert without accreditation.

    If it weren’t for double standards, liberals would have no standards at all. (For instance)

    Democrats and the media, but I repeat myself…

    Plante is the obvious heir apparent when Rush hangs it up, in my opinion. Hopefully not anytime soon, of course.

  10. Trump will win, depending on whether of not he gets a handle on the massive amount of voter fraud headed our way.

    So if Trump is victorious, the Nazi Democrat Leadership is already laying the ground work for, “If he wins, he cheated. Just look at the polls”.

    So if he wins, which he must, raise the chances of blood in the streets exponentially thanks to Chuckles and Nancy. If he wins, those two need to be charged with treason.

  11. I ain’t afraid of the democrat communists. I get right back into their worthless, stupid, traitorous mugs. Fuck’em. Live Free or Die. My country is worth fighting and dying for and I will not give up my God given right to free speech.

  12. They didn’t count the large percentage that happily lie to screw the enemy’s poll companies numbers.

  13. @PHenry Thanks for the tip. I’ve added WMAL to my IHeartRadio library. We just hung our big, beautiful Trump/Pence 2020 flag outside next to our Old Glory.

  14. I never share my political beliefs openly to everyone, it just isn’t expedient, or even safe, to do so.

  15. Well, well, well… the local Austin paper article is quite a bit different than what has been in all of the reporting I seen up to this point.

    And shooter #2 was firing at a vehicle that was not an imminent threat. Sounds like the stiff was pointing the AK at the driver of the car that was just sitting there honking, not speeding and threatening to strike anyone.

  16. Trump will win, no doubt about it. The Dims are using these phony push polls to make the unpolished turd Biden inevitable and to justify their riots after Trump triumphs.


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