BarbWire: We have had a year of intense debates and preparation to decide which candidate in the running, will take the helm of this nation.

Like many, this writer was inclined to support Ted Cruz, which I faithfully did until he dropped out of the race. I found myself in the most precarious position after writing some 40 articles about Donald Trump that would be good reason not to choose him over Sen. Cruz โ€“ now what?

I needed more than just the fact that compared to Hillary Clinton; Trump looked like a knight in shining armor. That alone was not enough for me, so I began looking deeper into the life and times of that man who has his name blazoned across some of the most impressive edifices in the world. ย more here


  1. Truer words have never been spoken.
    “if you are still in doubt especially on the idea of a last minute candidate to replace Donald Trump it may be said that you will end up aiding and abetting the enemies of America”.

  2. One thing is for sure, the H-bag has a proven track record of being deceitful from the day she was fired for lying in 1973 until (lemme check my watch) about a minute ago!! Another indisputable fact is the long line of very real victims both dead and alive left in her and Bill’s wake! So regardless of what you may think of Donald Trump, even if he only accomplishes 5% of what he says he wants to do, that’s still 1000% better than the screeching, lying Bitch!

  3. Personally, I think the more people learn about Donald Trump, the more they will like him. According to Trump, everything he is involved in is the best, and if Trump is leading the United States, then he will truly believe he is leading the best nation on earth. Hillary, on the other hand, just believes in Hillary.

    And forget about a brokered convention – there are not that many stupid people in the Republican party to consider his idea. Trump won, and to replace Trump through shennigans would not only ensure a November loss, it may mean the Republicans go the way of the Whig party. Not that the Republicans aren’t sliding into oblivion anyway, but this would just accelerate the process.

  4. Trump hasn’t suffered strokes, damaging his brain to the point that he is incapable of comprehending classified material handling guidelines and restrictions, and Hillary has?

  5. I read Trumps “The Art of the Deal” last week. He will get this sh*t straightened out. I have seen a lot of people accusing him of being a democrat – and I believe in his earlier years he was, but he has seen how they operate and how they have ruined this country – and not just democrats, but politicians in general. He has had to deal with them in building his businesses. He can be harsh when needed, but diplomatic when needed. I believe he is the only man in the US right now who can put this ship back on course. It’s almost like his whole life has been leading up to this task. And BTW – his father sent him to military school to teach him discipline, and DT appreciated that. He came from a family of hard workers and achievers, and he has never drank or done drugs in his life. He is a ROCK.

  6. Trump is a Tinkerer
    He likes to start businesses and fix ailing ones.
    That hideous witch talks about his failed businesses.
    You have to start one to run it into the ground.
    My cousin retired with millions. I asked him how he did it because I want to do that too. He said:
    “Lazlo, I started a business, ran it into the ground, got a job, paid my bills, started a business, ran it into the ground, got a job, paid my bills, started a business, ran it into the ground, got a job, paid my bills, started a business. The fifth time it took off.”
    That is the kind of guy I want running a country
    Not some power mad professional doormat who has never turned an honest dollar in her entire life

  7. I’ve seen a lot of improvements in Trump. Not being a politician he started out a little rough around the edges. But it appears that he is a man who knows where he is going and he’s smart enough to find a way to get there. He’s doing that right now.

    Unlike Hillary, Trumps is not here to take our freedom away and slit the throat of America – as 0bama hopes she will do.

    Get on board if you’re not already, or start reading up on how to survive in the gulag if Trump doesn’t get enough votes.

  8. @Lazlo — Could you just have your cousin share the secrets of his successful business? That way… Well, you know.

    @Unruly — Yes, but to those of us who saw the diamond at the core of the rough, it was the rough we loved. So tired of being sweet-talked into a diabetic coma by slick pols talking from a teleprompter words ‘vetted’ through a focus group. ๐Ÿ™‚ Rarely (never?) were we left looking at each other in bewildered confusion, saying “Huh?” with Trump. So funny. Sometimes you just ‘get’ people. And Trump does.

  9. the big difference between them is you know the clintons left a trail of bodies.

    You dont know if Trump did. He’s that good. . .

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