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The siren song of socialism masks the evil it delivers

WT: There’s a dark cloud hanging over the progressive push to turn America into a collectivist paradise.

Things are so bad in socialist Venezuela, whose economy is cratering, that even the liberal news media have taken notice.

Day after day, stories emerge from the oil-rich South American nation about power outages, bankruptcies, long lines for toilet paper, urban unrest, and now even food shortages.

Millions of Venezuelans, no longer smitten by the kind of envy-laden appeals that Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clintondish up on a daily basis, are having big-time buyers’ remorse since approving Hugo Chavez’s socialist uprising back in 1998. Revolution is in the air, which is why the government of Mr. Chavez’s successor, Niocolas Maduro, is in crackdown mode. It’s what you do when you’ve lost the people after systematically looting them.  MORE

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  1. The author skips over the fact that even after Chavez destroyed the economy of a country with more oil than Saudi Arabia, they fucking turned right around and elected Niocolas Maduro, who had promised to double down on the destruction.

    So they got exactly what they wanted-fuck ’em.

    Kinda like reelecting Obama/Jarrett. And if we do the unthinkable and elect Hillary, you can finally, once and for all, say goodbye forever to America.

  2. It boggles the mind that people ignore the effects of socialism right here in America. Detroit is America’s Caracas. Other cities falling into economic ruin model the same effects.

    So they got exactly what they wanted-fuck ’em.

    MM waxed rhapsodic above in response to Venezuela’s woes, but we are stuck with the bill for America’s failed cities as our politicians pander to dependent masses. So I say the same thing. Forget the bailouts. Pay the piper and learn something.

  3. “Every nation gets the government it deserves.”
    (Dead White Dude)

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. MM

    Check out all the political parties there.

    You’ll be hard pressed to find one without Socialist in the name.

    They will all “try to do Socialism right this time”.

    When you see one person saying everyone should be hitting themselves in the head with a hammer and everyone arguing with him that it should be a bigger hammer or a different part of the body – well, just stepping back so the blood doesn’t splatter on you is about the best an outsider can do.

  5. Socialism is the condom on the Prick called Communism

  6. Socialism is theft, plain and simple.
    It’s peddlers are easy to spot as they speak of government ‘creating’ things rather than the private sector doing so.
    Anyone asking for your vote based on the idea that government will create jobs, or safety, or anything else for that matter should be shown the door with your boot in his or her backside.

  7. Never understood why people allow some political cruds to take everything they own, extract a huge finders fee, give back the remnants and think they got a bunch of free stuff from their well-meaning betters!

  8. Chavez’ daughter is the richest woman in Venezuela. Any guess how that happened?

    A defining characteristic of socialism is a tiny minority of people are incredibly wealthy while the remainder live in squalor.

  9. But even last week a NYT article blamed soft oil prices, drought, and mismanagement on venezuela’s ills. Made no mention of failed socialistic policies. Lessons are never learned.

  10. Time people should be angry about the theft of their country

    It’s not about these creeps ever learning. They are criminal collaborators who are continuing their propaganda.
    Face evil for what it is.
    If a newspaper consistently publishes lies, the occasional truth is not by accident, it is to maintain some credibility to continue the agenda.
    NYT delenda sunt.

  11. Time..,

    You’re name is right on, but too many people there DO support more Socialism.

    So,yes, they really do need to learn their lesson, but when will they seek a different path? Who will prove to them the errors of their ways?

    The paranoia at the top is infectious because it is always easier to blame something/someone else other than what you do, and have done, yourself.

  12. “… If it should be discovered that you had not character and industry to be worth all this trouble, then you might possibly be executed, in a kindly manner, but whilst you were permitted to live
    you would have to live well.” – G. B. Shaw

    P.S. So don’t forget to walk and to talk and to act like ladies!

  13. Socialism is the murder of civilization. The civilized world is built on the foundation of property rights because property rights are the rights that guarantee your right to your own life. Socialism abrogates property rights and in doing so brings about a return of society to the state of a lawless jungle where might is right and rule by the strongest meanest political animals replaces our birthright of self governance. Socialism is a form of King-of-the-jungle.

    It’s like Ronald Reagan said, there is no right or left – there is only going up or down. And the progs world view is an animal in the jungle world view incapable of understanding the human condition. They live in civilization but are not of civilization. And given the chance all they are really capable of is bringing society down to their level – animalistic, lawless, a return to the state of the jungle.


  14. When I look at the people who promote socialism as a utopian goal, my first question is “what life experiences do they have that qualifies them to institute a socialist society?” Frankly, that is virtually nothing.

    Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Boehner, McConnell, Graham, Warren, Clinton, Sanders, etc. have literally done nothing productive for society except get elected to office, and some of them have failed miserably in private life. Educators, particularly at the college level, produce little to nothing of practical value while living a sheltered lifestyle. Journalists try to report on what they see filtered through their own political views, but without having any real knowledge of the subject matters upon which they report. And yet all of these groups purport to be experts on how a productive society should work, without being the least bit productive themselves.

    I frequently work with licensed professionals in various fields – people who have studied their professions, obtained licenses to practice their craft, and have worked in the area for some time – yet often struggle to produce quality work, products and projects despite this experience and knowledge. It’s hard to do things right when one knows what he or she is doing, yet we propose to turn over the vital functions of our society to people who lack this knowledge and experience, and have actually failed miserably in the private sector, based solely upon their promise that they know what they are doing. This is a real life “I’m not really a cardiac surgeon, but I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night” commercial bit.

    There are many, many reasons socialism has failed miserably whenever tried, but if one is still on the fence about what progressives are promising, please take a look at the individuals promoting these values and ask “have they done anything really productive and worthwhile, and would I want them running anything?”

  15. Socialism was invented by the guy in the cave who didn’t like the cold and did no hunting, but would expect a ‘fair share’ because he stayed home and straightened up around the cave.

  16. For the past few years we have been living on the flywheel of 200 years of hard-working contributors to society. Now we have almost 50% of the population on some form of government aid. How long the flywheel can last is anybody’s guess, but I think it’s about to peter out. Look at Bernie Sanders. That no-talent, Federal Tit-sucking, Marxist asswipe has been wandering around for decades preaching same old bullshit and getting nowhere. Just a few short years ago nobody would listen to him. Now he’s a God. Ask yourself: What changed? He didn’t. The country did! It is the most glaring indication that the country has sunk to all new low levels of Suck!
    We have to get the parasites off their asses and back to work. The only way that is going to happen is if we shut off the spigot! When people no longer have all that government assistance coming in they will have to find work to feed themselves, or commit crime and go to jail (Be prepared to build more jails). This won’t happen overnight. We’re looking at a couple of generations here. In White terms that’s about 50 years. In Hood terms it’s about 28…. hmmmm, better make that 42. They seem to be slow learners.
    Any way you slice it, we have a real uphill battle on our hands that will only be accomplished by by Contributors, not talentless Takers and Socialist/Commie enablers who only understand the path of least resistance! Hell, any Asshole can tear something down and give away someone else’s money. How hard is that??? It takes knowledge, talent, unity (not diversity) and hard work to build something and that philosophy needs to be re-acquired and put back in action… yesterday!

  17. The human spirit dictates that socialism is destined to failure every time it is tried.

  18. When I was a kid our elders pointed to the Berlin Wall and say “Those poor East Berliners get shot for trying to escape Socialism.” All kids my age would say Fuck That.
    While I’m glad The Wall is gone, we lost a very stark symbol of the oppression and poverty that comes with Socialism.

  19. Joe – When I was a kid I used to read and listen to the Soviet propaganda where everything was for the good of the worker and border guards were only there to the keep Western invaders out!
    Yeah, like anybody wanted a piece of that shit!!

  20. Wyatt, Insensitive Progressive Jerk

    …, please take a look at the individuals promoting these values and ask “have they done anything really productive and worthwhile, and would I want them running anything?”

    When my most lefty friend gets all self-righteous, preachy and won’t shut up about Socialistic things. I paraphrase one particular line from the song by Jonathan Edwards – Sunshine – and he shuts up.

    This man has not only never ran a business, he is someone who has inherited all that he spends and could never even hold a fricken job for very long. He can’t even pay his utilities on time every month to keep the lights on and the water running even though a lack of money is not the problem. And yet he insists on everyone doing things his way – he has stated more than once he hates people and his politics show it. Iron Fist if he had his way.

    When he pauses for a reaction from me, I just look at him and say: You can’t even run your own life, I’ll be damned if you’ll run mine.

  21. One of my favorite Bill Whittle quotes:

    “All of these catastrophes, from Student Loans to the executions at Secret Police Headquarters are not caused by the GOOD INTENTIONS of the Left. They grow from the LAWS OF UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES and the irreparable faultline in Human Nature that THE LEFT REFUSES TO ACCEPT.

    Now, it’s the good intentions of these so-called progressives that provides the INTERNAL FIG LEAF that allows them to perpetually look into their rosy glow of their noble hearts, and not out at the ACTUAL DAMAGE and the ACTUAL RUIN and eventually the actual horror that these Leftist policies, however well-intentioned, REALLY inflict on REAL people IN THE REAL WORLD.”

  22. Socialism does, indeed, always fail – but (and it’s a HUGE BUT) millions die before it’s finally thrown into the Ashbin of History.
    Soviet Socialism dragged on for 70 years – some 50 million murdered.
    Chinese Communism has stumbled on for 70 years – some 120 million murdered.
    Cuban Socialism has raged for 57 years – death toll ~ 1 million.
    South Africa
    Venezuela … on and on …

    Why do we agree to be ciphers after the fact? Forgotten names on forgotten lists of liquidated “Enemies of the State?”

    Doesn’t it seem a tad foolish? That may be what they’re betting on.

    izlamo delenda est …

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