The Sisterhood of the Traveling Angst

Patriot Retort: You know, if I lacked basic coping skills, I don’t think I’d be in any hurry make that public.

Patriot Retort

But that’s just me.

It’s been a year since President Donald Trump has been in office. And still the Sisterhood of the Traveling Angst hasn’t made it through the five stages of grief.

Hillary lost the election, girls.

Get over it.

The truth is, women haven’t been deprived of any rights at all with Donald Trump in office.

So what the hell are they protesting?

A booming economy? Rising wages? Economic growth the likes of which we never saw in the eight years Obama was President?

Ah, yes. I can see why they’re upset.  Keep Reading

11 Comments on The Sisterhood of the Traveling Angst

  1. I been doing battle with these morons in Facebook. Effing delusional people

    I just laugh when they start arguing Trump sucks because the government won’t pay for their birth control pills or other stupid left wing shit. I bet half these people don’t have a clue about anything they are protesting. They just take the bullshit they have been fed as gospel and spew it out.

  2. Sister angst’s traveling therapy show..

    Pack up the nastys, and the grabbed pussy hats and everyone knows. Sister’s angst shows

  3. Pussy hat with a “Free Mumia” button pinned to it.
    Send this idjits to the shithole country of their choice.

    And please snowflakes, don’t presume you’re doing a damn thing for my chiilren!

  4. Dianny:

    The Sisterhood of the Traveling Angst have the emotional maturity of a pestered child.

    Heh! But more like the emotional maturity of a pestered child with pinworms.

  5. RACIST: Not ALL women have pink vaginas, F.Y.I.
    Anti-Trans: Not all women have a vagina.

    That should get rid of those stupid hats…

  6. So many faux angry women on my FB newsfeed who according to their own posts are leading happy and successful lives. Buncha Hillary whiners…boo hoo.

  7. Local news is covering the Women’s March *again* tonight and the catch all phrase said by organizers is “continuing the work” they all said it in some form. Barf.

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