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Okay, like, I had this totally awful dream last night, okay – in my safe space! It was literally the worst dream I have ever literally had. It went like this:

It was November 3, 2020. Bernie won! It was wonderful that he won because that meant that Trump was gone! My feminist studies professor told me that Trump was literally the worst Republican president since Hitler, and I believe him. Everybody on campus was cheering, hugging, dancing, getting high, and waving rainbow flags while burning American flags. It was the greatest day in our nation’s history.

Bernie gave the best inaugural address that I have literally ever heard. He said, “The time has come to realize FDR’s Second Bill of Rights.”

I had to Google FDR, and Google said that he was literally the best president ever and AOC said Republicans persecuted him and rewrote the Constitution (some kind of boat, I don’t get it) so he couldn’t run for a fifth term after he died. More

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  1. And then she woke up and realized that Trump won. So, she did the morally respectable thing and self-eliminated to save the planet from her carboniferous mouthprint.

  2. I am a teacher at a local community college. I did spend more than 30 years working with computers in business before becoming a teacher. I see many of these types of people every day. You cannot convince them that failures of past communist / socialist regimes are anything except the wrong people being in charge.
    Before I became a teacher, I didn’t believe some of this type of satire. I thought that nobody could be this naive. Even us older people can learn.
    One of the objective we have for students is to improve critical thinking. Sadly, I rarely see anyone with leftist ideas actually doing any critical thinking. Apparently their idea of the concept is to agree with anything mouthed from the progressives.
    On the bright side, I have the joy of actually having some of my students figure out what it means to truly think, as opposed to mindlessly repeating what they are told. Even if they do not agree with me, they can make a rational argument.
    Are there people this dense / indoctrinated / whatever word you choose to use? Yes. Do some figure it out? Yes. Are some lost causes? Yes.
    Regardless, I still enjoy the satire, I enjoy the challenge of changing the minds of the “utes of America” (thanks Joe Pesci), and am absolutely thrilled when I can actually get through to them (Thanks to God for giving me the chance).

  3. The People’s Cube is hilarious. For those who don’t know, its creator, Oleg Atbashian, grew up in the USSR, so he writes from experience, not just from what he reads on the internet. His memoir, Hotel USSR: Memoirs of a Soviet ‘Non-Artist’, is also very good, but more sad than funny.

  4. @MJA. You are going to hell for creating the Bernie twerking mental image. That was uncalled for.

    Anybody twerking is off putting enough.

    But you just HAD to go there.

  5. PHenry
    AUGUST 11, 2019 AT 1:42 PM

    AUGUST 11, 2019 AT 1:42 PM
    “@MJA. You are going to hell for creating the Bernie twerking mental image. That was uncalled for.

    But you just HAD to go there.”

    …at least she didn’t suggest he was twerking NAKED, sure glad no one put THAT thought out there…

  6. RogerF- God bless you. You have a tough job. It’s not just teaching these days because you have to be a psychiatrist and an emo counselor.

  7. Let that be a lesson to you. Sure we’re just lowly IOTW fans, but even WE have our standards.

    OK. Who am I kidding?

    Absolutely nobody.

  8. @MJA,
    Thank you, but the thanks go to God for giving me the chance and (hopefully) the ability to do what I do.
    I spent 30+ years knowing that whatever I do will not make any difference in 5 years, and now I do stress knowing that whatever I do will make a difference.

  9. Sure @MJA aka Eve in the garden of Eden.
    I’ll sit with y’all in the deplorable basket and eat the forbidden fruit, too.

    Evil vixen.

  10. …hey now, @PHenry, all I said was, I was glad MJA or nobody else SAID that. It’s not, technically, the same as ME saying it. Can I get a pass?

    …OTOH, being in a basket of forbidden fruit with MJA may have a certain attraction, too, but not sure I’d WANT a third wheel there, no offense…

  11. …also @PHenry, should you be posting as @Peter?

    …seeing as how you’re assigning final destination seating, and all…

  12. MJA, PHenry & SNS, don’t worry. We all will be in the same basket soon enough! And I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else than our iOTWr family!

    Everybody row (I hope the basket is waterproof)!

  13. @PHenry,
    …”She offered her honor, he honored her offer, so it was honor and offer all night”?

    …nooo, that’s from something else, sorry…

  14. I know it might be irrelevant, but I do want everyone to know that I am NOT posting and responding here in the hopes to get the wonderful thumbs up (though I do appreciate them), but I do believe what I post and would rather people do something more than just approve of something I say. If I get 0 approvals, but if it inspires someone to thank teachers they know for doing a good job, or has them teach their children in the values that are truly conservative, then I am happy.
    Have a wonderful and blessed day!
    Keep learning and discovering!! It is a beautiful thing, and I am blessed to discover new things and get challenged every day with my classes. I am always learning. “You cannot teach an old dog new tricks” is a myth. If you do meet me, tell me something new. That is much better than telling me that I am doing a good job. I want to get better.

  15. @Claudia. We’re not tightly woven and neither is our basket. We’re not exactly baby Moses bobbing along the Nile.

    @SNS. Wrong reference. With Groucho. It went more like, madam, i’m here to protect your honor, which is more than you’ve ever done for yourself.

    MJA. Just goofing on a Sunday afternoon.
    🎶In the summertime.
    🎶In the summertime

  16. …sorry, @RogerF, we do get silly sometimes, but this stuff can be heavy and we need to crack each other up for mental health sometimes. God bless you and what you do.

  17. PHenry
    AUGUST 11, 2019 AT 2:44 PM
    “There’s a Groucho Marx line about defending MJA’s honor that shall remain unspoken by me.”

    …I know that wasn’t it, PH, just trying to keep it silly. It’s sunny out here, might have fried my brain.

    …BUT, you said you would’t say the ACTUAL line and then you done DID it, so into the basket with YOU as well, but this is MY corner and I ain’t sharing…

  18. “…When I woke up, I was so confused, so angry. I mean, how is it even possible for socialism to turn out so bad when they make so many cool promises? Whatever. We just need the right people in charge…”

    HaHaHaHaHa – “the right people” – hooboy, that’s a good one. Somebody needs to read their Bible, or at least a credible history book. Everyone here knows how “the right people” turn out.

  19. @Supernightshade – I enjoy silly. I agree, in today’s world, we need humor. Don’t apologize.
    That is one of the reasons I love to visit here and occasionally post 🙂

  20. *What’s up Doxx?*…

    Ok, you win, TAKE the corner! Take ALL the corners, see if I care…

    (grumble, mumble)

  21. RogerF–

    Yes, being a teacher is a blessing. Many, many opportunities to make a difference. YOU have made a difference–I hope I do, too.

    God bless you and strengthen you in your work.

  22. I wanna get back to “gaaaaah’d”.
    You want “gaaaaah”? I got yer “gaaaaah” right here:

    John Brennan and Bob Mueller dancing a tango. Naked.

  23. This part:

    Then I got evicted from my home! The Committee for Housing said we had too much space, so my parents and my little brother and me got kicked out so some undocumented people could have a place to stay. The Committee for Housing said they would find us a place on a waiting list as soon as there was an opening, and to be patient.

    This actually happened after, or during the Bolshevist revolution, at least according to the movie Dr. Zhivago. People went back to their homes after the civil war to find them occupied by several families, and half-destroyed by the lower classes types who were allowed to move in.

  24. @a tipster
    Thank you, but it isn’t about me. Even though I wrote a lot about myself, I might be a small piece of the puzzle. I am not the solution. Family, faith, and the community are the biggest pieces, I only hope that I can contribute a little, however small

  25. ROGER F

    “One of the objective we have for students is to improve critical thinking. ” Is now and has been for at least 70 years; a lie put out by NEA + AFT!

    Teachers today (maybe not you) and for the last 60 years have pushed hard for “Group think”!

    In the 50’s I spent many hrs in detention for challenging the hate America “Grpup think” my teachers were pushing! BTE still graduate in the top decile!

    Teachers are in fact anti critical thinking! And have been for at least 70 years! Maybe longer!

    A student who thinks critically is “a trouble maker”!

  26. Being so open minded, she still has time to make a decision, and Jeffery Epstein herself out.
    The Clinton’s wont mind,,,Commit!
    I Google-ed her and got this:
    Based on your dream, hopefully a none propagating orifice you are in possession of, you delusional troll.

  27. Uncle Al
    AUGUST 11, 2019 AT 8:44 PM

    “John Brennan and Bob Mueller dancing a tango. Naked.”

    …I’d ask who leads, but seeing as how Mueller let Weissman lead already, I guess I have that answer…


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