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The Smug Elites

You see it on the left and the right. That smug attitude of the all too clever elites in this country. Take away their cushy positions in our society and watch them wither when they have to scrounge for their next meal.

Tammy Bruce warns them all why we’re fed up with being looked down upon by those who think they’re our superiors.



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  1. Remember the worst “oppression” by government used to be King George III’s high tax rate to recoup the extreme expense of the French & Indian wars that he had EVERY RIGHT TO DEMAND? (Paraphrasing Ben Franklin BTW)


    Our government is more elitist, snobby, high-taxing, fascistly more oppressive than any king as ever been.

    Has it become CORRUPT? And don’t we have the right to dissolve it and form a new one?

  2. The entire Congress should be indicted for ignoring their oath of office.
    1] preserve 2] protect 3] defend the Constitution. They have chosen 4] none of the above.
    Just a large collection of Jelly Fish!

  3. The self professed elites are the dregs of our society, down there with thieves and whores, maybe worse. We don’t have royalty in this country, and control-freak “elites” are defeating themselves with their condescending, smug behavior. There are plenty of lampposts to hang them from, and they’ll have the same power Mussolini did when he was hanging upside down from one: none.

  4. Seriously, when does talking stop and actually taking back the government begin? I am 48 and hubby is 53 & we are ready to sign up.

  5. The news broadcasts and commentaries are aired as a way for them to preen and strut to one another. We’re beneath contempt and not to be troubled with. That is why they’re oblivious to low ratings and loss of viewership. They’re no more than a collection of delusional jackasses.

  6. “Take away their cushy positions in our society …”

    and save all that money. I’m very tired of being insulted daily. Aren’t you!?

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