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The Snowflakes

A collection of snowflakes is very upset with, quite literally, a collection of snowflakes, and they are going to investigate. And if they find out who was responsible, they will destroy this person.

University of Missouri is at it again—->


The story of the snow penis

fdr in hell

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  1. I’d bet some serious money that if a coven of femmie SJWs erected a big snow vulva complete (with the inevitable piece of red rope dangling out of it) that they’d be celebrated as brave and wonderfully edgy.

  2. Would it have okay with them if they used rainbow spray paint on the snow white penis? I think it would be very amusing to watch these snowflakey idiots collapse in little quivering, sobbing, thumbsucking heaps if something really disastrous befalls them.

  3. It’s going to be interesting to see these “Special Snowflakes” as they graduate and go out into the working marketplace. How long will the private marketplace suffer these fools before they’re given the boot? How much wailing and weeping and gnashing of teeth will there be as they hobble from job to job because: “it’s not right for me (insert any number of SJW excuses here)”; It doesn’t pay enough (would you like fries with that order?) to be able to both pay off their Special Studies education debts AND provide a living wage; they’re fired when their bosses find out that these Special Snowflakes expect too much and deliver too little.

  4. That’s at the University of Michigan. When I was a freshman there in 1981 we did the same thing right in front of the main building at Bursley hall. Everybody laughed and had a great time standing around it and drinking. Nowadays we would probably get suspended. i’ll have to see if I have any pictures of it to post on my blog.

  5. I can see it now.
    Johnny snowflake shows up for work.
    Johnny Snowflake, who is new to the Custom Home Construction business, starts at the bottom. Carrying lumber and cleaning up.
    He doesn’t like it. He thinks he should be running things because of his Masters in International Studies, and this has earned him the nickname: Professor.
    He’s already on thin ice because he thinks the first twenty minutes of work are about drinking his chai latte and complaining about the repercussions of climate change, instead of loading out tools and setting up for the day . That and griping about the temerity of the contractor to use day labor for the most menial and backbreaking tasks, when they are obviously illegal and thus are exploited financial refugees.
    The Professor runs afoul of the siding installers for his laziness and they nail his tool bags to floor where he set them down, then laugh at him when he tries to pick them up.
    He threatens to take the issue to ‘management’ and is soundly, heartily and mercilessly ridiculed.
    This is picked up by the framers who pelt him from the rafters with loose nails, and hoot gibbon-like at him as he runs through the job site to management
    He goes into the construction trailer, and tearfully explains to a working man (like me) the horrors he was subjected to, and demands a safe space to calm down and ‘find his center’.
    The Professor will be fired so hard that he will fetch up on the curb across the street before he hits the ground.

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