The Sorry State Of US Women’s Soccer

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The American people don’t like the women’s soccer team very much because the women’s soccer team doesn’t like America. There isn’t much they don’t protest or complain about. They play a game that generates very little revenue, yet demand to be paid as much as the men’s team, which actually does generate more revenue. As a percentage of the money they generate, they’re paid more than the men, so they’re technically overpaid.

Moreover, rather than work harder to earn more money by attracting larger crowds, the leaders of the team and most of the players decided lecturing the American public about how awful the country, and by extension they are. Name the left-wing cause and you’d find the team getting behind it. Think of a left-wing anti-American smear and it was embraced and parroted. Why should the American public care about these people? More

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  1. A case study in lack of self-awareness and rudimentary social skills:

    “Fuck You USA!… You suck!”

    “Why won’t anyone watch our games?”


  2. I suspect there are some very good, patriotic Women on the US Soccer team. They are over shadowed by the self-centered antics and anti-American bent of the no juice, purple haired lesbian Rapinoe.
    The attention seeker killed the team’s morale and drove any support against them all.

  3. It wasn’t that long ago when Alex Morgan was the face representing this team. Feminine, athletic, very pretty, self deprecating, seemingly happy to represent her country, the success of the team with her at the lead grew exponentially. The bitter purple haired harpy changed everything. That, and having a skewed understanding of their own self worth. They got an image problem, that’s for sure.

  4. There is no doubt in my mind that there were problems in that dressing room. They have a lot of good players but clearly 1 player believes she is the spokesperson for the entire Team & apparently the Entire program/sport in the USA.

    Just before the Olympics there was the issue with some players, facinq away, kneeling, & others standing like pro athletes. That indicates that the team was not 100% on the same page.
    Take that reality, put in on a rowing team, with just the slightest deviation from perfect sync. & you get exactly what happened.
    The team also had too many “experienced” (OLD) players, with not enough new/young blood coming in to get accustomed to International play. Quite a few obviously felt that the win was guaranteed & that is never the case in any sport.
    Another sign of a GREAT athlete is also knowing when to reduce your role and get the newbies broken in. Your Team was way to Clique, overconfident, & political.
    Result = infighting, distractions, & poor performance.

    The Same thing Happened to Canuckistan in one of the WINTER OLYMPICS when Gretsky had WAY too much say & brought too many of his OLD buddies instead of freshening up the Team. (1998 NAGANO JAPAN) However – NO POLITICS INVOLVED. No Medal at all.

  5. Soccer pretty much sucks even without all the anti-American antics.
    They should try something useful – like saving children from burning buildings, or protecting ghetto-rats from killing each other, or like mopping floors at McDonald’s.
    Y’know – something that serves society and makes the world a better place.

    Send em to Mecca or Medina for a few years.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Looks like people have had enough of self promoting carpet munchers who get pissed off when you don’t give them enough attention to me.

  7. After the US ‘womens’ soccer team lost to Canada yesterday, they were mocked relentlessly on Twitter and other social media platforms by Americans who actually do love their country.

    Enter Mark Sanford (RINO-S.C. ) , riding to the rescue.

    He lamented that these were ‘Americas’ Daughters’ and we should not gloat. He has a point.
    After all, Ethel Rosenberg was an American citizen and so too, I guess, is Meghan Rapinoe.

    But I personally prefer to support American athletes like Tamyra Mensah-Stock or the classic 1980 USA Hockey Team members who respect and represent the American flag and the Republic for which it stands.

    McCain-2.0 types like Sanford shove their guilt-trips where the sun don’t shine for all I care.

  8. I swear Brad, I was just about to type something about Tamyra Mensah-Stock.

    She is a Total Class Act & inspiration. Her father died in a car accident after watching one of her high school matches. She almost quit the sport but continued as he was “Her Biggest Fan.”


  9. I have to wonder how many of them felt pressured into acting like they were “woke” only because a purple-haired boy was shoving it down their throats and the others were too afraid to stand up for what they believe in.

  10. Kcir

    She gave an interview I wish I could find. It was awesome.
    By the way, Team USA took Gold in every shooting sport. Just sayen. LOL

  11. @ Brad AUGUST 3, 2021 AT 6:02 PM

    A buddy of mine became friends with Jackie Stewart who is a trap shooting fanatic. Yea, that Jackie Stewart. Jackie Stewart said he would give up every racing win to have been able to win the Gold in the Olympics in International Trap. In Europe world class shooters are treated like royalty in any of the shooting disciplines.

    They will get scant press here.

  12. Boo hoo.

    We all knew ‘soccer’ was a way to try and destroy the American pastime of baseball.

    We’re never making it to the next eletion. Face that.

  13. I like what’s happening to sports all around. I don’t like their antiAmerican stance, I don’t like them protesting our flag and what it stands for. If teams don’t like the US, they shouldn’t represent the US. Simple. That’s how it should work. This shit in the Olympics has been going on since the 60’s. I quit watching any TV, I no longer listen to the radio either. No one keeps my attention.

  14. “No one keeps my attention.”

    I misspoke, I do like the internet and the people you get to meet in cyberland. I get to choose what I watch and read. I get to click them off if it isn’t to my liking. Kinda like channel surfing but way better.

  15. @Brad

    Olympics, another good reason for 2nd-A.

    When will they allow a Barrett in Biathlon? That should get the EuroTrash shittin themselves.

  16. Man, when that female American hammer throw champion did her thing, I swear I felt the Earth twist under my feet. That was awesome!

  17. Kcir

    LOL, you know what would be a cool Olympic gun sport? The original Steel Challenge pistol courses. Our peeps wouldn’t even need to show up. They’d just mail them their gold medals

  18. Tim , you are NOT looking at the bright side here, my friend.

    Sure soccer, especially the ‘womens’ variety, I’d boring compared to a hard-hitting spectator sport like football or one with end-to-end excitement like NHL ice hockey, but it IS very beneficial to the medical world.

    Doctors may have finally stumbled upon the cure for insomnia but YOU sir are just as enthraled by this miracle breakthrough as the folks forced to watch the games Rapinoe pla upys in.

    For shame, Tim.

  19. @ Kcir AUGUST 3, 2021 AT 8:05 PM

    Not a thing preventing you using a Barrett Light 50, put a 22LR barrel on it and don’t drill the gas port, turn a new bolt face, fab a magazine or modify an existing one and get it to feed reliably. If you have ever toted one of the damnable things any distance, it would take a guy built like The Incredible Hulk to finish the course with any kind of respectable time.

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