The Squad Refuses To Advocate For Palestinian LGBTQ

As squad members Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tliab (D-MI) whined and whined yesterday about not being allowed to spew their hatred of the Jewish state from within Israel, the Palestinian Authority offered up another opportunity for the ladies to take a stand, this time for the LGBTQ.

The terrorist organization that rules over parts of the West Bank and Gaza formally announced a ban on LGBTQ organizations from any activities within parts they control. Here 

Rather than completely ignoring the development, Omar choose to instead try to proclaim that Israel is still worse. Here

10 Comments on The Squad Refuses To Advocate For Palestinian LGBTQ

  1. Their enablers, the dumocrats, are no better than they are. Time to ignore their noise and push them out of the lime light of hate.

  2. They are in favor of the Palestinian Authority, they should be allowed to send ALL their stipend there!
    The local custom is to throw LGBTQ from the rooftops to see if they can fly.

  3. These assholes (Palestinian Authority, well HAMAS if you want to be truthful) are one ignition key from hanging gays from construction cranes and these two crunts still scream Israeli is worse. I wonder how many legs would start to quake in the Liberal camp if the LBGQwhatever decided to go after these two bitches (as well as every other Muslim dominated country). As long as they stay silent that power-mad, fascist group will remain just as vile and two-faced as these two. Wait, they are that vile and two-faced. I guess it’s just SOP for them.

  4. They’re corrupt assholes: their only goal is to gain power and loot the treasury. Anyone really think these malignant clowns (obama and pelosi among them) want to live among the peasants they seek to create?

  5. The pair of Jihad harlots corrupting Congress wouldn’t dare defend homosexuality if they want to keep their heads.

    BTW, If it wasn’t for the fact the Palestinian Queer All-sQuawk are protected in Israeli territory, they would have been “roofed” a long time ago.

  6. How can gays expect an unreliable woman who can’t even be trusted to not have an adulterous affair on her own brother-husband to stand up for them?

  7. These ungrateful idiots do not even understand where they are and that US citizens do not give a shit about the ones here that criminally got them elected by the Democratic Party.
    I know Syria law is meaningless in the United States. Until this trash understands it and is eliminated from our government, a lot of work is needed.
    I’m all in for ‘The Purge – Syria Law ‘


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