The “Stinking Corpse” Of A Deal With Iran

It doesn’t take a genius to understand that the deal struck by the Obama administration with the mullahs in Iran wasn’t just awful, it was dangerous to world peace. That said, Victor David Hanson explains what we now know of the Iran nuke deal and the damage it was doing throughout the Middle East,  Here

12 Comments on The “Stinking Corpse” Of A Deal With Iran

  1. When the newly formed ‘Unholy’ Alliance between Israel and the Saudis is done cleaning up Syria, they will focus the new found friendship and unleash hell on Iran. Watch…

    Each country has their own reasons and justifications to do so.

    No American boots, of significance, on the ground.

    This is The Trump Doctrine.

    We can thank him for this.

    OR there will be another Green Revolution internally against the Moooolahs. Remember, the people there had a ‘life’ before the Islamist takeover.

    POTUS knows this TOO.

    VDH…rock on.


  2. Everybody connected to the Iran Deal…
    Should be arrested and prosecuted as traitors to United States,
    The death penalty is appropriate for this heinous act,
    The sentence is administered by piece of rope placed around the condemn’s neck.
    The trap door drops, execution complete.

  3. Do you mean that America can’t trust Iranian leaders who still consider the US “the great satan?” Next you will be telling me we can’t trust the NoKos who have been indoctrinating its citizens for over 70 years that America is its biggest enemy and the cause of all of its problems and essentially putting the entire nation on a war footing for no reason at all.

  4. Hey, at least there is a game of negotiations now. Before yesterday there was no game. Trump is bringing hope and change, sound familiar?

  5. They still don’t get it. Trump promised to upend the tables and drive out the money changers. And congress ARE the money changers.

  6. “Or worse still, the deal was the manifestation of an unhinged view of the Middle East. For Obama, a revolutionary Shiite and Persian Iran was justified in seeking parity in the Middle East and attempting to carve out a legitimate sphere of influence.”
    C’mon VDH. Don’t sugar coat it. You, and everyone else with at least half a brain know that oblabla is a mooselimb through and through, and that he was doing what “allah” desired…

  7. We can thank the Democrats for Obama and then their efforts to sell us Hillary, the best they had to offer from their lot of losers.

  8. @ Plantsman – you, me and all the hard workers and very fast printed cash a la the US Treasury.



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