The Story of Your Enslavement – Alternative? Anarchy

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8 Comments on The Story of Your Enslavement – Alternative? Anarchy

  1. Rat-ass adolescent emotional bleating.

    “See how much more I can suffer than you?!
    That makes ME the better (in this case, “freer”) one!”


    Anarchism opens the way/void to totalitarians.

  2. To elaborate…humans are human…i.e. some want to be leaders, sone want to be followers. Anarchists make the same thinking mistake Communists/Dems make: “people OUGHT TO be/want this that or the other way.” It leads to nothing but failure.

  3. The vid is from an evolutionary point of view, and therefore FLAWED. Only the bible, gives a clear definition as to what and who we are; if we’re willing to abandon ( many haven’t started to read and understand it), then we’ll be left to be ruled by people who think ( erroneously) that we came from monkeys.

  4. It is as if in our existence each can choose ( CHOOOOSE) which universe they live in; one that begins with God breathing life into man, or one that denies this leaving only a physical perspective as to why we’re here. Or in short- 2 concurrent universes. ( the great oxymoron).

  5. In order to advance we cannot fix problems with the same level of consciousness that caused the problems. We are manipulated by our fears (mostly the fear of death) and this is what is keeping people from passive civil disobedience against all forms of tyranny. We are doomed to repeat the cycles unless we choose to “wake up”.

  6. after witnessing the government take my freedoms away rather than protect them as charged by the constitution which creates said government, then yes I will choose anarchy and will defend my freedoms myself.

    I will place my faith in god and not man.

    once again, the false choice of having big government with loss of freedom VS anarchy with freedom, is still using fear to control the farm animals. which are you really scared of anarchy or freedom?

    men are flawed and will always disappoint those who trust in them every time.

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