The straw that almost broke his back

Dope attacks worker because he had to ask for a straw.

Turns out she can serve a combo.

ht/ blink

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11 Comments on The straw that almost broke his back

  1. Hey BB Do you think she might have
    been caught by surprise by a dude twice
    her weight & height ? I say she had more
    balls than any soy boy… I agree 100%
    about the broken wrist/hand aspect.


    Stranger things have happened, but the reason we train repeatedly is muscle memory. I didn’t read where she was a boxer. But I’d call bull shit on that. She looks more like a street fighter to me. and yes I like her altitude.

  3. The reporter said she is a trained boxer. I liked the way she grabbed his shirt and pulled him in toward her. It looked like she was landing fists on his head then toward the end was slashing down to break his grip.

  4. What a complete fairy.

    ANY so called “man” that beats on a woman deserves the jailhouse justice he will soon earn, and becoming buba’s cell-bitch is just icing on the cake.

    I guess this clown got used to attacking women half his size because they mostly do not fight back and when they do their punches cannot do any real harm because of their diminutive size… until he met martha-the-bouncer moonliting at McD’s….LOL!

    I hope she at least loosened a few teeth for buba to finish off because if there is one thing a black man hates worse than a woman beater its a WHITE man beating up on a sista!!!

  5. too bad she did not focus on his nose and then his eyes because no matter how small the person is doing the punching, getting socked in the nose 5-7 times is gonna hurt….bad!!!

  6. Nice to see Inside Edition peddling the uninformed “500 million plastic straws a day number” that a 9-year old came up with. Way to do your research, gentlemen.

  7. I never lived in a tree.. No one in my family tree ever did. Though some in the far distant past may have climbed one now and again in great haste to avoid becoming the meal of the day. A cave domicile is a different story.


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