The sudden love of McCain is directly proportional to the amount of contempt for Trump one has

Writer for the increasing pile of excrement known as The Daily Wire has nothing but slobbering love for McCain, mainly because McCain hated Trump-

Joseph Curl: Note To Trump: Suck It Up, Buttercup, And Praise McCain As The Hero He Was.

President Trump is a petty and vindictive man. When criticized in the slightest, Trump’s usual reaction is to lash out, often with ad hominem attacks.
How about when he is criticized at THE FULLEST? Can he lash out then? How about when the “slightest attacks” are a constant 24/7 drip, drip, drip?
Case in point: Earlier this month, Trump was watching CNN at midnight when he heard NBA star LeBron James diss him (only in the slightest, saying he “can’t sit back and say nothing”). Trump took to Twitter to whine: “Lebron James was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon. He made Lebron look smart, which isn’t easy to do. I like Mike!”
Did Joseph Curl just write “diss”? He would have never written “diss” in the context of Trump hearing William Kristol say something derogatory to Chuck Todd. What you’ve just witnessed is  a subtle bigotry by Curl. (See, I can be “petty” too. It’s petty, but balls on accurate.)
Here’s the hero McStain, totally not petty–>
The two alphas had engaged in a war of words for some time. After Trump in 2016 attacked Mexican immigrants — “They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists” — McCain said Trump was “firing up the crazies” with his views.
Trump couldn’t let that slide, and attacked in the way he does — saying at a campaign event in Iowa that McCain was not a war hero.
Se, Curl, you don’t get it. Trump is OUR WAR HERO.
McStain called anyone that didn’t want his brand of deception (a politician that pretends to be one thing, but is another) “crazies” and “wacko birds.”
Trump fought for us and it pissed off the McCain-mold politicians who have secret contempt for the electorate.
McCain, to be sure, raised the ire of many conservatives. Beloved by the liberal media as a “maverick” for his proclivity to take on his own party, the senator was often labeled a RINO (Republican In Name Only) and blasted for his refusal to toe the party line. But no one can ever doubt McCain’s dedication to America
STOP!  “No one”?
See, you front hole, you’re doing it right now. You’re doing the McCain thing.
I, for one,  doubt McCain’s dedication to America, but I’m a “no one.”
McCain tried to sink the GOP nomination for the presidency by pushing, sneakily and pettily, a fake dossier that was funded by the Clinton campaign.
Yes, that’s “dedication to America.”
F8ck off stupid.

Trump should suck it up, praise McCain for the hero he was — and for his steadfast service to America for 60 years — and, in death, let bygones be bygones.

But Trump isn’t big enough to do that. And that just goes to show that Trump was never worthy to shine McCain’s shoes.

Hero and McCain are not two words I readily connect. But dickbag and Joseph Curl are now.


The commenters on the Daily Wire deserve a better site-

I’ll tell you another thing that’s petty, refusing to relinquish your Senate seat until you die leaving Arizona under represented.



McCain as a politician was devoid of true leadership and consistently proved himself a tool of uni-party, establishment forces. He was no “Maverick” except when trashing GOP rebels who disagreed with him.

He may have been a hero once, but that does not excuse actions for the rest of his life.

So get up, clean off your knees and trade in your McCain kneepads. Trump may not be a tender poet, but he’s almost always right.



You mean like the society of liberals in 2008 that mocked McCain age and physical disability while calling him a racist but are now slobbering all over his corpse because he was never Trump?

And right out of the gate comes the virtue signaling by Curl. Does everyone think McCain’s life was limited to his years in Vietnam and after 2008? His political career in between was the definition of being petty and vindictive and his personal life wasn’t anything to write home about. Everyone seem to forget him being unfaithful to his first wife that led to a divorce because she was severely injured and not the beauty queen he married. And he lied all the time, he was a politician. And don’t get me started on the Keating Five.
So spare me the “But no one can ever doubt McCain’s dedication to America, or question his honesty and integrity”, I can.

I have stayed out of John McCain comments Until this article. My opinion observing John McCain for decades that he was a petty, vindictive, narcissistic establishment elite man who was all about promoting John McCain. He often made himself the story instead of voting and how he promised his constituents he would vote. He was just much more deceptive and clever about it. He wrapped it up in a lot of talk that did not match his long term actions. But when people are dealing with deceivers it takes a while to figure it out. As far as I am concerned he lied to his constituents to get elected over and over with no intention of acting on promises. When he came back as the great returning hero he ditched his crippled wife for an heiress and began his political career so not impressed when people freak out about trumps morals compared to these other guys. When I would ask people of Arizona why they kept electing him they said it was because they could not find any Republicans to run against him because of the money. And the Democrat option was always much worse. I get it because we have the same problem in Kentucky with Mitch McConnell.

It wasn’t just because of money that Republicans couldn’t run against him. When McCain got in in Arizona, he actively purged the GOP there of anyone and everyone who disagreed with him or posed a threat. He had a chokehold on it, and the local media there helped him do it the entire time.

  • That time he got censured by the AZ GOP came as a surprise to McCain. He immediately went about attacking the people responsible and reasserting control over the state party.

    All this hagiography of the man makes me sick. Anyone who saw how he operated up close knew that he was closer to a Mob boss in his actions.

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  1. A perfect compromise…
    Name building after two similar people,
    Benedict Arnold/John McCain Senate building.

  2. I have to put McCanary on the same level with other liberals. they spout the good fight and then they go 100% for themselves.

  3. I think a fitting funeral would be to put McCain in a jet and push it into the ocean off a burning aircraft carrier.

  4. This is all about Trump hate and nothing to do with Mcshitstain love.
    The left is a vindictive insulting bunch. I can be told “Suck it up and do xyz” and I would consider that suggestion. Throw “Buttercup” in there and well now I need to hurt you.
    What an ass.

  5. ‘I like people who weren’t captured’ maybe was in poor taste, but a lot funnier and truer than the mean-spirited crap that passes for late-night comedy these days bashing Trump.
    Trump a short time later declared that McCain was a hero, but McCain apparently held a grudge until his death and his last thumbs down left us with that disaster known as Obamacare as part of his legacy.
    McCain was a perfect example as to why we need term limits (not terminal limits).

  6. Caught some of the ABC ‘news’ this morning and you would have thought FDR had passed away. I suppose a revered democrat did pass. McCain worked hard to get Obama elected.

  7. Seems like he died awfully quick after announcing he was going to stop treatment. We know a family that lost a son to this disease and he was in a coma for a couple weeks before he died.

  8. interesting how one day the family says the McCanary is stopping his chemo meds and not even a weekend later he is outathere. I do hope the coroner is up to the task to find the true COD.
    No, I never had an ounce of hate for McCanary, never knew him personally, never met him or his staff. I only look at his actions and words. he is finally gone to a place where he must stand by his words and actions. good luck with that.

  9. “I think a fitting funeral would be to put McCain in a jet and push it into the ocean off a burning aircraft carrier.”
    Not a bad thought, but why waste ANOTHER fighter jet and aircraft carrier.

  10. Oh fuck youuu spitcurl.
    Look here. John McCain was the reason I sat up and took notice to Federal assholetry. Back in the late 1990s (when I started truly paying attention) He was the one who kept pushing for amnesty and then suddenly during election season, he was crawling through Phoenix with his newly acquired southern accent screeching, “Build that dang fence!”

    How many times did this asshole get to insult Conservatives? Set up Conservatives for extra IRS scrutiny? Make it so that 0bamacare survived when no one wants it? Passed around a fake dossier on Trump to help his friend Hillary! Push for amnesty of criminals and push for war when it wasn’t called for. What does it take for people like SpitCurl to call out mccain for what he was???? And now SpitCurl thinks he’s going to pick up the torch for mccain and do the same thing? I don’t think so, you thick pile of shit. Fuck that war-mongering mcCain. And fuck you spitcurl, and fuck your press-on beard and its receding hairline.

  11. How much do you wanna bet me he died at the moment his family said he’s not treating the cancer anymore and not afterwards? Another bullshit mccain stunt to make him look like a hero for giving up pain meds.

  12. I still remember how the MSDM played up McCain during the period before the 2008 election. He was a Maverick, a War Hero, and a great Senator who always put his Country above his Party. As soon as he got the Republican nomination, the MSDM turned on him like hydrophobic dogs. He was an old, hopelessly out of touch, reactionary war monger. They couldn’t wait to anoint their candidate: Barack H. Obama, the man who was going to heal our country’s wounds. Later, the MSDM extolled McCain as a wise leader, and a truly great Senator, because he was a Rhinocrat member of the Never Trump Resistance. I’m going to remember him as the man who passed the phony Golden Shower Dossier to Comey, knowing it was a slanderous canard.

  13. It’s a nice, sunny day out here in Vegas, MJA.
    Turn off the TV and enjoy it.

    One thing McCain did for Trump…
    CNN and MSNBC were on schedule for a 7 day, 168 consecutive hours of Trump bashing.
    McCain derailed that.
    It was only a 164 hour week of Trump bashing.

    “We now return to our regular schedule of bashing Trump…”

  14. At least the shitsacks are defining and donning the uniforms that will make them VERY easy to identify when the balloon finally goes up.

  15. All that your children and mine will ever need to know about him:

    “Friends, we have nothing to fear from an Obama presidency.”

    Any man that would say that DURING THE CAMPAIGN never really wanted to win. That’s why he and the GOP stood aside and let Sarah take repeated slanderous hits: SHE was actually popular and SHE was the true threat to Obama, who was already anointed by the uniparty. I am convinced they did not expect she’d be popular, so they shivved her.

    I just hope McCain realized how bigly he screwed himself, for as long as he may persist in this nation’s memory, by tossing Sarah overboard; he lived long enough to see that move paid off in spades with Trump, whom Sarah foreshadowed.

  16. It’s not hard to understand, Buttercup. McCain was an establishment elitist, and Trump is not. McCain and Trump did not like each other. McCain ordered Trump to stay away from his funeral.

    Trump isn’t a hypocrite; he’s not about to start lavishing praise on a man he didn’t like, who didn’t like him, and who disagreed with Trump politically while Trump disagreed with McCain both politically and morally. Suck it up, buttercup, and get over yourself.

  17. Curls’s sanctimonious column made me so furious, I was rendered speechless.

    And that is pretty damn hard to do.

    The truth is, if Trump actually waxed lovingly about McCain, Curl would be one of the people tsk-tsking and saying Trump was being disingenuous. You can never win with assholes like this.

    Trump did the right thing. He expressed condolences and moved on.

  18. Don’t forget how McStain treated his running mate. Sarah Palin was a Godly woman who deserved better. he has a lot to answer for. I hope he asked forgiveness from the Saviour before he met Him.

  19. We need to open Hero McCain’s official offices. So his admirers have a final opportunity to lick his desk and bowls.

  20. “I hope he asked forgiveness from the Saviour before he met Him.”

    Odds are, a person who has lived that long has, at some point, heard the saving Good News at least once. If he ever believed it, it never showed in anything he said or did. If he never believed it, it is exceedingly unlikely he was of any capacity to do so before the lights went out. Besides which, time has a way of hardening unbelief as the conscience grows dull and dead. At that point, there’s literally no hope.

    But then again, God alone knows who are truly in Christ. It’s possible but based on what we know of the man’s life, I wouldn’t bet on it.

  21. It’s so funny, Fur. When I read that shitty column, I almost emailed you to say, “Have at it!” I just knew it would grate your cheese too.

    And another thing:
    One of the reasons I respect Trump is he’s not a friggin’ phony. Unlike all the shit pickles who attacked McCain for years who are now singing his praises like he’s General Patton and George Washington rolled into one, Trump doesn’t play the smarmy phony. But smarmy phony is exactly what Curl wants from him.

    Okay. I’m done now.

  22. Well, McCain’s dead and gone. I’M interested in seeing who’ll be the choices to replace him. McSally?

  23. McCain: A yield sign to voters who think military service is an automatic qualifier and can’t do any wrong. A person can be a reprobate in any field.

  24. McCain was selfless, brave, independent and noble. A thankless and tireless public servant who set the standard that we should expect from all those seeking higher office.

    Says the people who would never vote for that guy but instead voted for a coke snorting, dogeating communist because he wrote a book about his fake dad and talked to them in the monosyllabic pablum their mental minds could digest. Hope. Change. We hope to change. Yes you can. Hope and change. A guy who called the first guy George Wallace, a racist and every other name in the book.

    Their opinions mean less than nothing to me.

  25. There’s got to be a few A-4 Skyhawks left out there and an old aircraft carrier about to be scuttled to make an artificial reef somewhere. You could kill two birds with one stone this way. Strap him in, shoot a Zuni missile at the A-4 and call it vengeance for the Forrestal disaster. Even if he wasn’t responsible for what happened to the Forrestal 140 + sailors and airmen didn’t deserve to die that way.

  26. His stellar accomplishment was, he was an Ace,,,
    for the other side.
    I have been trying to come up with something nice to say about him.
    This is the best I can do, on short notice.

  27. Disclaimer
    1/31/67 I was 1 of 56 Jarheads in 1st Mar Div (Pendleton) ordered kill Chi Com. 3/68 I was 1 of 28 still walking. 50 % of us did not come home! I have strong feelings about cowards! bigoted against yellow bellies? You Bet cha!

    95% of the POs never came out alive. Re said only 1 out of 20 POWs got out alive. Over half of the 5% who lived were either physically or mentally maimed! If you remember the Adm who was Vp for Ross he was clearly mentally maimed “What am I doing here?”

    Johnny was neither. In the 5 years after he came home he was on track for setting the world philanderer record. 1 of his “conquests” would in 6 years be his next wife; and maybe the next liberal Republican in the Senate. He was both physically and mentally (given he would at best been “Anchor Man” had his grandad not been Admiral and his dad Cptn on the way to Adm! It is my feeling (not a documented fact) that had Johnny’ grandad not been an Adm and his dad not been a Cptn; Johnny the dumb would NEVER HAVE GRADUATED!) in top shape.

    Why did Johnny get such favorable treatment? Why was he not killed? Why was he not tortured to physical or mental uselessness?

    I can not say John was a Fonda; but his unbelievable favorable treatment seems to say John was a Fonda!

    SinceI have been anti Stalin for 75 years the Fonda Clan are devils. So John is a Devis



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