The ‘Summer of Love’ That Was Three Weeks of Violence

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  1. This is just a footnote to the violent leftist idiocy of our time. The people of Seattle got exactly what they deserve for voting these people into office. Breitbart said politics is downstream from society. He was right.

  2. This is just the beginning of tyranny: the soros funded DAs are jailing people defending against antifa/blm terror attacks. Follow the story of the St.Louis lawyers who are about to be arrested by that sick soros fuck kim gardener.

  3. But the Summer Of Love is young! Give it time for that wonderful, Seattle hippie lovin’ and lootin’ to come back strong.

    The kids went home long enough to get three squares and clean laundry (thanks Mom!) and take showers (while treating those camp kooties, cases of clap and those nasty groin rashes!) Plus, they were out of choom, and let face it, tired of sleeping on the ground every night. They’ll be back – somewhere.

  4. Keep them off of I-5 and if they’re dumb enough to stand in the way, mow them down. Didn’t anyone have enough common sense to teach these jerks not to play in traffic or you’ll get run over.

  5. Yes geoff… amazing isn’t it. It is a tragedy of their own making. I can’t imagine being the parent of one of those who got hit. In addition to the grief, I would be beside myself for failing as a parent, but most of all I think I’d want to find out who the ring-leader was that convinced my kid that it was a good idea to place themselves in harm’s way!! There is a large measure of culpability there too!

  6. How many people did the KKK kill during the time Chaz was murdering people?

    Exactly! I’ve never met a Nazi or a Ku Klux Klan member.
    Do they exist?
    Sure they do.
    Are they significant?
    Does racism exist?
    Sure it does.
    Is it significant or “systemic”
    Stop hyping the microscopic into an astroid!

  7. If there is one overarching, immutable truism in this world that will always stand the test of time it is:
    “The Left never runs out of Crazy or Assholism!

    (and suckers)
    (and hypocrites)
    (and other assorted worthless, little government tit-sucking parasites)

  8. I did see Richard Butler the head of the Aryan Nations in CDA, Idaho once at a Burger King. His body guard opened the door for me since I am a white guy, i thought it was ironic though that there was one black guy inside the BK at the same time as Richard Butler was. We had a lot of these Neonazi pinheads/skinheads in our area back in the 80’s and 90’s. They were eventually ran out of the area and have probably gone underground, Someone once said it was not hard to be a white supremacist in N. Idaho since its population is at least 95% + white but try the same thing in the South where there’s more of a minority population and it becomes an issue.

  9. So why Seattle?

    I have been mulling this over after saying: No, it isn’t a recent phenomenon/it isn’t people who moved to Seattle from California…

    I can tell you flat out that the government that Seattle has collectively voted into office has fostered and actively encouraged this type of acting out for at least five decades that I have been observing. The Boeing Co moved their headquarters to Chicago maybe partly for the reasons that were given, but it was mostly because every Goddamned time they had a strike or any labor issues the authorities looked the other way as thugs assaulted people at their headquarters. The Federal Reserve was moved from Seattle to Renton because of leftist thuggery that was endorsed and abetted by Seattle’s elected officials policies and practices that always have favored radical leftist acting out.
    There was also that crackpot Raymond Hunthausen and his band of pseudo Catholic Marxist revolutionary bullshitters and their nonsense.

    This level of violence is not recent in Seattle, but the volume of it is greater. It has been part of the political landscape for half a century and it has been encouraged by the policies and practices of Seattle’s elected government.

  10. ^^^ Aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnd this is just one more example of the Left inviting and sanctioning disaster. The rioting, looting, raping and killing that is going on in democRAT cities all around the nation has the blessing of the DemocRAT party! They have supported, enabled and financed it! Then when disaster happens they fan the flames and make it worse! At some point these politicians need to be held responsible for their gross incompetence!

  11. @JDHasty —

    I mulled this over just now, too. Why Seattle?

    I toted up the origins of all my nearest neighbors on the opposite side of the street and then worked my way down our side: Out of 16 families, 9 of them are from CA (majority), 3 are from the northeast (MA, CT, VT), and 1 is from India. An amazing number of them are lawyers and they’re all flaming liberals/progressives.

    Only 3 families out of 16 are native Seattleites, born and raised.

    Ours is not a unique neighborhood. This is the picture of Greater Seattle.

    I’ve never known one former native Seattleite neighbor who moved to CA, MA, CT, or VT for a job or for “the quality of life” (i.e. comparatively low housing prices, no state sales tax, physical surroundings, abundance of tech jobs).

  12. My parents both grew up in Seattle in the ‘30s and ‘40s – dad on Queen Anne and mom on Capital Hill. They loved it there. It was a wonderful, peaceful, civilzed place. They both died a little over ten years ago and in thier final years they wouldn’t even set foot in the place. It saddened them too much to see what it had degenerated to.

  13. …I meant to say “no state income tax” (although we also have no sales taxes on food).

    And…of the three native families, two of us are Trumplicans. We also have one mixed CA/East Coast couple in which one spouse’s paying job is to fight for charter schools in our state. Her husband is a very confused liberal.

    I could give you, JDHasty, the political makeup of my neighborhood spanning the past four decades, house by house, as each one has been sold and re-sold. Suffice to say it tracks with the ideological slip-sliding away of Seattle.

  14. @trf

    The DEMocRATS get a ton of fund raising off their militant brown shirts and their anarchist riots…..

    BLM donations go thru Act Blue to the DNC…..

    Antifa donations go thru Action Network to the DNC.

  15. I guess my biggest beef with all this is if these damn disingenuous democRAT politicians had been doing the job they took an oath to uphold had been responsible enough to nipp this shit in the bud on day one there wouldn’t have been a needless tragedy on I5 last night!

  16. @cato — I’m glad you brought Lenin’s statue up.

    Do you know the Fremont neighborhood on the north side of Lk Union? It’s just across the Fremont bridge at Nickerson St.

    Back in the day, Fremont wanted to distinguish itself from all the other Seattle neighborhoods. Fremont identified itself as an art enclave and chose to boost itself as “quirky”. Lenin’s statue is there, not because Fremont (or Seattle) agreed with Leninist ideology, but because an art teacher thought it would be fun to buy it (partly from his own home mortgage), and add it to: the Fremont Troll, Waiting for the Interurban, the Rocket, and a C-119 tail boom built to look like a missile. Additionally, the Fremont bridge sports neon lighting of Repunzel (letting down her golden hair) and various signage including “Welcome to Fremont — The Center of the Universe.”

    Poor Fremont. Now it is gentrified. It has a lot of corporate HQ’s for a place of its size and density. Many of those companies relocated from California and brought their highly paid workforce with them, you see. Now those starving artists cannot afford to live in the neighborhood. They boosted themselves right out of a place to call home.


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