The table has turned on the ‘Trump-Russia’ hoax and now the conspirators are running for the hills


There are a growing number of indicators that the leading players in the 2016 election drama are turning on one another, making a mad dash for the lifeboats to escape being dragged under with the political Titanic that is Christopher Steele and his dossier. These are many of the same people who had been eager to exploit the dossier, that collection of memos paid for by the Clinton campaign and supposedly sourced from Russia. Once treated like the Rosetta stone of collusion, the Steele documents now seem even to Trump antagonists more like the Howard Hughes diaries.

Even the peripheral players are doing their best to shift blame. Former FBI General Counsel James Baker – who is under criminal investigation for leaks –  recently went on the Skullduggery podcast to assert that  he and other bureau officials were “quite worried” that  Comey’s meeting with Trump would look like a page out of J. Edgar Hoover’s playbook – invoking  the legendary FBI director who stockpiled damaging information to blackmail politicians. Would Comey be wrong to interpret Baker’s comments as an offer to testify against his former boss in exchange for a deal on the leaks investigation?

Comey has no shortage  of adversaries, partly because old rivals he thought he had dispatched — such as former Attorney General Loretta Lynch —  are back in the mix, and he is possibly sensing his vulnerability. It was in June 2017 testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee that Comey tossed Lynch under the proverbial bus. Now she’s showing she can climb out from under the motor coach and dust herself off.

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  1. This is treason and sedition, if not a whole lot of lesset crimes.

    Flush out the rats – all of them, including obama and clinton, and hang the mf’ers.

  2. The scramble is only beginning, the lack of lifeboats has not dawned on the crew. Life Preservers are useless. Who will lead the stampede to AG Barr’s office?
    He will end up with several, but which one to pick?
    Dam, this gives him too much power over criminals!

  3. Perp Walks

    The Boys in the Back want some Perp Walks

    Good Guys scored on the home rink

    Everything seems to be right

    Lately, newspaper mentioned a dossier

    send em to GITMO or somewhere

    they’re close to bodily harm

    worthless degrees and the Charges spot on

    Nobody cares they are way too far gone

    Screamin’ “Perp Walks”, something to keep ’em all warm

    This mornin’, Joe’s just an old geezer

    I think he’s got cabin fever

    Somebody sound the alarm

    Oh I know, (I know)

    Perp Walks

    William I need some more Perp Walks

    they’re gonna go where it’s warm ( go where it’s warm)
    they’re gonna go where it’s warm ( go where it’s warm)
    I gonna go where it’s warm!

  4. While the what and how and by whom of the Steele libel are of very high importance, it is even more critical to expose the why.

    The Steele libel was the mechanism to retroactively provide cover for gross misuse of govt facilities, especially the FBI/NSA data acquired under FISA, for partisan political purposes.

  5. The only lifeboats available are the “Let’s make a deal and rat on the major players” boats and those will be few. After that it will open season on the violent lefties who will take to the streets.

  6. ..and not just the gross misuse of gov’t assets, but they must answer WHY they misused those assets — to illegally secure their place in the seats of power. They desired to usurp the will of the governed. They wanted, once and for all, to murder our constitutional republic.

  7. As Uncle Al wrote, long ago:

    “Treason never prospers. What’s the reason?
    Why, if it prosper, None dare call it treason”

    Let’s see who hangs, shall we?

    I got a million iOTW Bucks that says nobody (with the possible exception of some clerk) will get time. All we’ll hear is “So that it never happens again!” and other assortments of total bullshit.

    izlamo delenda est …


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