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The Top 10 Countries

The Babylon Bee Presents

Guess where our nation stands?


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  1. Just think how great this place would be if we didn’t have commies trying to drag us down for the last 70+ years.

  2. I have never been to Micronesia but I have vacationed to the other nine and always had a great time. Even when I got mugged in Fort lauderdale it was educational.

  3. @Jethro-
    Absolutely, the benefits would be astronomical, and then some.

    I could write a book about those that stand in the way but I’d probably end up in jail for offending the haters.

  4. I’ve been to 18 other countries and I concur 100%!

    PS I was well received by the locals everywhere I landed. That BS about US citizens being hated all over the world is pure baloney. Only the foreign journos despise us. And that’s just because they’re jealous.

  5. Should be in top ten:

    The States
    The Land of The Free
    The Home of The Brave
    Yankee Land
    Huge Mess, Eh (Canadian image)
    Excited States of America
    Gringo Land (Mexican image)

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