The Trumps Receive Rock Star Welcome in India

C. Steven Tucker –

POTUS addressed the massive crowd

Some very talented people welcome our president in India

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  1. It will be interesting if there is a major strategic shift in the region because of Trump. For decades now India has been partnering with Russia for advanced arms production and purchasing. It was Pakistan and China versus India and Russia for influence and control over the region. Russia won’t be happy if the US supplants them and the Chinese will be livid.

  2. Geeknerd I know. I’m not a complete fan of India. They seem to run hot and cold on Christians, often lumping them in with Muslims and not. Depending on the sect you talk to. But then, they seem to send us a lot of call center employees which we are desperate for, according to Mike Lee (R-UT).

  3. That is certainly not how TURDO was received by them. He made an ASS of himself when he was there.

    It makes me so happy that the little sock puppet will hear about how a REAL MAN with dignity and an elegant FLOTUS was welcomed by a huge adoring crowd.

    Unlike the substitute drama teacher and his pig nosed entitled sow.

    I am starting to love DJT more than Reagan.

  4. BigOwe@

    I think that was South Africa’s Mandela Funeral, which was funny as heck!

    unless you mean a different incident.

    Where Big Mike looked like she was going to kick the crap out of Barry for sitting next to the hot female Danish Prime Minister.

    Helle Thorning-Schmidt – WOW!


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