The Trumps Spend Thanksgiving With Active Duty Armed Forces

Daily Caller: The president and first lady chose to spend part of their Thanksgiving feeding and thanking active duty members of the Armed Forces.

President Trump and Melania Trump showed up to Coast Guard Station Lake Worth Inlet to deliver meals to dozens of active Coast Guardsmen who had to work on Thanksgiving.

The First family served sandwiches, fruit, juice, cookies, muffins and sodas they had donated to sixty active duty coast guardsmen, some who were heading out to patrol soon thereafter.

According to the White House Pool report, Trump encouraged the men and women in the room:

9 Comments on The Trumps Spend Thanksgiving With Active Duty Armed Forces

  1. I love nice stories like this. Not enough of them anymore.

    The left would say he pulled a surprise inspection and muster on a remote Coast Guard station that has had a troubled past.

  2. What a great guy.
    Every day I thank God that Hillary isn’t president.
    I can’t imagine someone worse than obama.
    But she would have been much worse.

  3. I don’t know what the political leanings are of some of those guys who were standing behind him, but there was one guy who just stood there stony-faced while the President talked. POTUS Trump has a way, though, of making everyone laugh and he eventually cracked a smile, if not a grin. When I watch him talking to various groups of young people, for example, I wish I could hear what he’s saying to them to make them all laugh so loud.

  4. The President is a Statesman, a business man, and a decent human being. I think he, despite his wealth, has compassion enough to relate to less affluent people.

    I’m not saying he is perfect and I don’t think he can do everything but he’s a throwback to the community leaders of yesteryear.

    Thank for First Family for what you do even though some in America can’t stand you.

  5. What Trump said was “no boyfriends until you’re 30.” (You won’t get this unless you’re up on joey biden.)


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