The Truth about ‘Puberty Blockers’

American Thinker:

A recent Washington Post article asserts that the effects of administration of puberty blockers (GnRHa) to minors presenting with gender dysphoria (GD) are “reversible.”  In support, the Post cites an American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Policy Statement.  However, public sources and even the Policy Statement itself disclose information belying reversibility.  The AAP Policy Statement states: “…reversibility is based on the little data that are currently available.”   A report of an American Psychiatric Association (APA) Task Force clarifies there is not just an issue of little available data, but, rather, it is a complete lack of randomized controlled treatment outcome studies, and that is one reason why there is “no consensus” regarding treatment of children presenting with GD and why “opinions vary widely among experts” as to treatments.   The policy statement further admits: “The effect of sustained puberty suppression on fertility is unknown.”

Bioethicist Michael Cook reports that, according to Nature magazine, only in 2017 did the National Institutes of Health launch the “first” prospective study “to examine the effects of drugs that block puberty until a teenager’s body and mind is mature enough to begin cross-sex hormone treatment.”  The study (per the grant application) “will be the first in the U.S. to evaluate longitudinal outcomes of medical treatment for transgender youth and will provide essential evidence-based data on the physiological and psychosocial effects and safety of treatments currently used for transgender youth.” MORE HERE

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  1. Q: What do you call giving young children hormonal drugs to interrupt the natural physiological processes of maturing to adulthood?

    A: Child abuse

  2. Parents like this should be hanged.

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  3. Straight out of the Nazi experiments on human guinea pigs. Progressives are progressives first, last and always. It’s hard wired into the bastards to use innocent human beings to further their political agenda.

  4. “Q: What do you call giving young children hormonal drugs to interrupt the natural physiological processes of maturing to adulthood?”

    I call it a felony, subject to capital punishment.

  5. I used to think that this kind of idiocy would be self-defeating. Abortion on demand, sex change surgery, injecting artificial hormones, pledges not to have kids “to save the planet”, etc. — I mean, who on the Left is even capable of having kids, anymore, let alone is capable of actually rearing them successfully? And yet, they don’t show any sign of dying out…

  6. So we don’t have enough evidence to know if it is “safe” or not, but we will continue to give it to confused kids until we DO have enough evidence, right?

    These are the same idiots who keep telling us we can’t have hydroxychloroquin until we test the shit out of it, even though it has been in use for 75 years.


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