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The Truth About the Democratic Party

Vanderbilt University professor of political science, Carol Swain, provides a short history on the civil rights record of the Democratic Party.





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  1. The professor left out something: Al Gore’s father voted against the Civil Rights act of 1964.

  2. Yep… we get it. The democrats are the real racists…. yawn. Because of this video, NOW black people will definitely vote Republican, cuz Republicans are the good guys!!!!

    Sarcasm aside, post 1965, everything changed. I won’t make a judgement about either party pre 1965 (FDR and Woodrow Wilson sucked balls, we all know) but Andrew Jackson and James Polk were Democrats and in my opinion, 2 of the best we had.

  3. here’s another FACT buried by the Democrat Party and the Mainstream media: until his dying day, MLK Jr was a lifelong member of the Republican Party.

    Another FACT is that the Democrat Party was the creator of bullshit unConstitutional Gun Control laws, in the interest of keeping the uppity black folks down & unarmed.

  4. Oh yeah?

    But … but … but ….. hwats facts got to do with it?
    Fuck you! Trump’s evil and …… and . shud be impeeched!

    Hahahahahahah we da party of smot! ya’ll ta party of ignance!

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