The truth will be revealed about Covid-19

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  1. Yeah….I was waiting for Trump’s re-election in November to show the flu as a hoax, but the democrats couldn’t wait that long. James Woods is all over their shit and a bunch more intuitive then I….

  2. Come on…..most of the rioters, er— enraged social justice warriors (looking for a bargain on anything they can haul away), are wearing masks and social distancing from possible carriers (read: Police) of the virus.

  3. The truth about Covid-19 is that it was used to promote an attack agenda that would isolate and alienate people from one another to make them pliable while generating a huge undercurrent of suppressed anger that could be directed for the next phase of the attack (the riots, Floyd was just the straw that broke the back of the already overloaded camel of anger, the pin that pricked the overinflated balloon).

    If you’re among the masses of the unaware and weren’t dumbfounded by these events (I predicted most would be) then wait for the next phase of the attack and you almost certainly will be.

    That truth isn’t going to be told, ever. But it will be quite visible if you open your eyes and look instead of keeping them closed like an ostrich with its head under the sand.

  4. @aleon,
    Mental illness is considered a favorable thing to democrats, libs and socialists. But I repeat myself.

  5. And when either scenario comes true it will be marked as misinformation by the twatter mob should you point it out.

  6. PJ,
    Thank you for the link.
    I have friends I would like to pass it along to, but probably won’t because of it’s length and they are in the group that think what they think, and no one and no data is going to change their minds. Even if they now question the basis, they are too afraid to take a chance of breaking from the path they have been set on by the authorities.


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