The Tucker Carlson Challenges Nunes To Do A “Feinstein”

House Intel committee chair, Devin Nunes appeared on Tucker Carlson last night declaring the information redacted from the released FISA warrants documents had nothing to do with security and that the DOJ was withholding information that would embarrass the department. Carlson offered to release the unedited FISA warrant if Nunes would simply send it to his producers. Nunes equivocated and left the offer on the table, suggesting that such an unauthorized release might be illegal.

After the commercial break, Carlson came back suggesting house members do what might best be called a “Feinstein” and read the FISA warrant on the floor of the house (thus avoiding any possible legal ramifications). More

11 Comments on The Tucker Carlson Challenges Nunes To Do A “Feinstein”

  1. We need a law making it a capital crime to redact anything from a government document for any reason other than national security.

  2. But Mr. Bunyan, WHO gets to make that determination of “national security” interests? The a$$clowns currently running those departments or some of their self-designated replacements?

    I agree with you; I just want to know how we keep them from continuing to do what they are currently doing.

  3. Why does everybody keep saying “embarrassing to the DOJ, FBI”? F that. The shit they’re hiding is “incriminating”, not “embarrassing”.

    What is truly embarrassing to the DOJ is their prosecutor in the Manafort trial. They cant redact that fact.

  4. Redaction is a great way to hide the DOJ dirt from being seen. If Trump can’t fire Muller, he should at lest declassify the FISA warrant and everything else he can. Every get the feeling that Washington thinks that the rest of the citizens of the United States are just mindless hayseeded hill billies available just to wring taxes out of and just ignoring them after that?

  5. tucker called them out. Way to go Tuck. Force their hand and get nunes to read it. They could go round robin in congress and have each R read a page.


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