The Turkey Buzzard

Patriot Retort: Anybody else notice that lately when Joe Biden has a press event, Kamala is starting to look a bit like a turkey buzzard circling her prey?

What’s that about?

Yeah, sure, I’ve joked about her ubiquity before. We all have.

It isn’t anything new the way Kamala insinuates herself into every Biden press event.

But lately there’s a creepy element to it as if she knows Biden’s end is near, and like a cackling carrion bird, she can’t wait to feast on his political corpse. more here

15 Comments on The Turkey Buzzard

  1. This is an insult.

    To the useful and necessary Turkey Buzzard.

    Turkey Buzzards serve a valuable purpose in removing corpses, keeping smells down, and preventing disease.

    Kamala props up a corpse, smells of fish and halitosis, and carries a crotch full of disease.

    You owe an apology.

    To Turkey Buzzards everywhere.

  2. Speaking of disgusting carrion-eaters that crap on their legs to cool themselves off, Pelosi’s dreams grows ever nearer to fruition, but she must act before a new VP is inaugurated.

  3. I look back at my comment and see my mistake. I should have said Ruth Buzzi Ginsberg. That accomplishes two things. One, correctly identifies her in the buzzard family. And two, credits El Rushbo with another great name. He will not not be replaced!

  4. The fetid stench given off by the increasingly decaying Biden is a guarantee that the repulsive buzzard Kamala will have more company circling soon.

  5. When she takes over remember, she is the best the Democrats have to offer to complete their mission. Which means she’s just a speaking head for who ever is running the show. She won’t last, she doesn’t have the right stuff.

  6. I, for one, am a Buzzard fan. Come-ill-a is not a Buzzard. She is a rat. Briben is a demented bat from China.

  7. Turkey buzzards are friggin big and ugly, a few years back I saw a couple of them in a field just outside of Dixon, Montana up by the Flathead River. I had never seen turkey buzzards before and didn’t expect to see any in Montana ever.

  8. Kamala will be reduced to Buzzard food by the time this is over. Even the cackle will die a slow death.


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