The Tyranny of Tolerance

newsbusters- On August 12, USA Today published a chilling op-ed from Jay Keck, a parent in the Chicago suburbs, about how his autistic teenaged daughter – who “showed no signs” of being unhappy with her gender — suddenly decided in 2016 that she was male and wanted to be addressed with male pronouns.

She first “came out” at school, and the school immediately addressed her with male pronouns and provided access to a gender-neutral bathroom. When Keck and his wife found out, they insisted the school address their daughter by her legal name – and they were ignored. They met with an assistant superintendent, who asserted the school had to “follow the law” – a non-binding directive from the Obama administration which was repealed by Team Trump.

According to Keck, surprise, surprise:  the ACLU has sent threatening letters to schools telling them that “students have the constitutional right to share or withhold information about their sexual orientation or gender identity from their parents, teachers, and other parties.”

Then the real nightmare kicked in. Put yourself in the position of the Keck family.

Keck said his daughter told him that the school social worker was advising her about halfway houses. “The social worker confirmed this when I scheduled a meeting with him to discuss it. This felt like a horrifying attempt to encourage our daughter to run away from home.”

When Keck had his daughter evaluated by a psychologist approved by the school district, he said “it was very clear that our daughter’s sudden transgender identity was driven by her underlying mental health conditions, but would only share his thoughts off the record, because he feared the potential backlash.” When his daughter graduated high school, parental wishes that her birth name would be announced were again ignored.

This growing gender-bending orthodoxy is what Pope Benedict called the “dictatorship of relativism,” or, if you prefer, “the tyranny of tolerance.” Dissent – even from parents – is being condemned  as bigotry, cruelty, and hate speech.

This will not stop until the nuclear family is destroyed. Or until parents stand up as one and declare a commitment to destroy this movement. 

read about the teacher that handed this out to prepubescents—

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  1. First off it is child abuse, plain and simple.
    Secondly this is a naked government grab of our children which should NEVER be allowed unless the parent(s) are demonstrably abusing their kids! Parents should not have to put their children in a private school to receive a proper education, but to day it is about the only choice they have. Even though my kids are out of school, I still pay a lot of taxes and I should certainly have some say in how my hard-earned tax dollars are spent! About all I can do is vote against yet another endless school levy, but I think the tax payer should have some say in the curriculum when it comes to this shit! They do NOT have the right to fool around with twisting up the minds of young people!

  2. The Tyranny of Tolerance

    I believe this is also the title for the New Gay Transgender

    James Bond Movie….It’ll be a “Box Office Bomb”

    Which…Oddly enough is the name of the next bond Movie about

    an effeminate closeted moslem Double Agent

  3. Burn the school down. That ought to get their attention regarding parents concerns regarding how the teachers/councilors/administration are brainwashing and destroying their kids. It goes without saying that the edifice needs to be empty, perhaps during s summer long weekend. Just kidding mostly. Parents need to get on the PTA and get elected to the School Boards. The left grabbed those positions long ago because either conservatives thought themselves too busy or that a seat at the table that decides how your child is handled for half their waking life (from 4 to 17 anyway, the formative years) wasn’t worth the time and effort. Are you all happy with the way it’s turning out?

  4. My guess is the young lady is frustrated with things as they are and she see this as a way of escaping. When my autistic daughter (now 26) was very young she stated often that she wished she was a boy. She wanted short hair and boy clothes and She is interested in boy things (and I was cool with buying Hot Wheels for Christmas). She still is this way but she also understands that she is not, nor can she ever be male. The parents are right and I’m glad school’s weren’t this stupid in the past.

  5. Revelation 18:4 Then I heard another voice from heaven, saying, “Come out, my people! Come out from her! You must not take part in her sins; you must not share in her punishment!

    (out of context with the scripture, but not with the meaning of it)

  6. XX = Female
    XY = Male

    Simple biological FACT.
    Chromosomes do not lie.

    Perverts, deviants, degenerates, freaks, homosexuals, and Leftists want to pretend otherwise.

  7. If a male can legally be recognized as a female, even though his genes show otherwise, can all convicts convicted on genetic evidence be able to sue for the reason that they aren’t who their genes indicate who they are?
    These freaks may have opened up one ginormous can of worms.

  8. public schools aren’t teaching reading, writing, arithmetic or history anymore.
    Social Justice trumps education.
    They’re sexualizing children as young as 5 & prescribing ADHD drugs as soon as possible.
    To add icing to the cake, annual school taxes, for the last 3 years has been double & triple the cost of annual property taxes.

  9. A few weeks ago I was catching up with an old friend at church. He explained his wife just retired from teaching; she could have continued teaching but had enough years in the system that she had been considering retirement. He further explained that “the last straw” for her in making the decision to retire was that the school district sent a questionnaire to all the kids asking them if they were a boy or a girl…or did they not know. This was to her class of 4th grade students.

    Understand that several things are happening in such instances:
    – An assault on the sovereignty of the Family.
    – A violation of sacred trust, of your parental authority.
    – An undermining of your religious beliefs.
    – The psychological manipulation and perversion of a child at the deepest level.

    We’re way behind the curve on this. One response is the homeschool or private school route, of course. Begin NOW to be resolved within yourselves how you will respond when it shows up to your proverbial (or literal) front door, because it will. My kids are grown but I now have precious grandkids. I’ll share later as my action-plan develops.

  10. As I have said here, and elsewhere, repeatedly: this will not end until it becomes personally painful for the people championing this stuff.

    Personally. Painful.

    Take due notice thereof and govern yourselves accordingly. They’re your kids.


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