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The U.S. and Europe are running out of weapons to send to Ukraine


In the U.S. weapons industry, the normal production level for artillery rounds for the 155 millimeter howitzer — a long-range heavy artillery weapon currently used on the battlefields of Ukraine — is about 30,000 rounds per year in peacetime.

The Ukrainian soldiers fighting invading Russian forces go through that amount in roughly two weeks.

That’s according to Dave Des Roches, an associate professor and senior military fellow at the U.S. National Defense University. And he’s worried. 

“I’m greatly concerned. Unless we have new production, which takes months to ramp up, we’re not going to have the ability to supply the Ukrainians,” Des Roches told CNBC. 

Europe is running low, too. “The military stocks of most [European NATO] member states have been, I wouldn’t say exhausted, but depleted in a high proportion, because we have been providing a lot of capacity to the Ukrainians,” Josep Borrell, the EU’s high representative for foreign affairs and security policy, said earlier this month. MORE

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  1. A couple things, They’ve already caught a couple Ukes trying to sell hand held, US manufactured, missiles on the black market. I would imagine that’s the tip of the iceberg.
    Currently most U.S. small to medium sized Military Contractors can’t quote any new biz, and haven’t been able to for a couple weeks, because of a new licensing protocol that they sprung on every body with no warning. Shrewd.

  2. RickeyG

    That and the Russian’s have had great success blowing it up at depots.
    I think it fair to say this has been mismanaged up the wazoo.

  3. That’s the plan Stan.
    Deplete US weapons,no other country has enough to worry about.
    Throw a couple tactical nukes in the air for shits and giggles and then invade.
    That would make for a good movie except it’s real life.

  4. Ok boys please wipe the drool off your mouth I know you get excited when talking bout Vlad. You know he’s been goin shopping, India, China, Lil Kim’s recycling yard… We’re see who runs out of weapons first.

  5. The point is to fleece the taxpayers (of America) to continue to send $Billions upon $Billions to be wasted in Ukraine – with the appropriate kick-backs to Biden & Co. This is so transparent it is no longer funny.

    America is wracked by inflation, supply issues, over-taxation, recession, and the corrupt tyranny of the DOJ so that Demonrat operatives can cash in on Ukraine’s misery and death.

    Where the Hell is the “Loyal Opposition’s” screaming from the rooftops?
    Why is the Media silent on this scam?
    The CoVid Hoax has run its course – the Globaloney Warming Hoax is so facilly stupid that only morons are on board – so the next step is War?
    Huh … we probably all know.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …


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