The U.S. Is Officially Leaving the World Health Organization

PJMedia: Trump notified Congress on Tuesday that the U.S. is leaving the WHO. The departure will take effect in one year.

President Trump had threatened to pull out in late May and made it official shortly after the health organization’s latest coronavirus screw up.

The UN health body stealthily switched its official coronavirus timeline late last week reflecting that not only did China not report the novel coronavirus to WHO, but that WHO changed its story and claimed to have learned of it online instead.

18 Comments on The U.S. Is Officially Leaving the World Health Organization

  1. Step one of a long process to get us completely out of that criminal organization known as the UN…we can hope.

  2. I read that weasel Lamar Alexander said he disagreed with the President. Well, too damn bad you old bastard.

  3. Biden pledges to rejoin WHO on his first day in office. When pressed for details he was unclear HOW or WHY or even WHAT he was talking about.

  4. DaveVA – I think I know why.
    We have to shut down each portion of our ‘obligation’ inside the WHO one at a time. (firing people, moving them somewhere else, ending contracts, ending leases, etc.) I don’t know why it takes gubmint so long to do shit, but a year isn’t as bad as I expected, considering it’s the US gubmint + foreigners involved.

    In normal life, you can just clean out your office, leave a turd in the toilet, take all the TP and coffee and toss the next sucker the keys to the building.


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