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The U.S. Military Love Their Nation

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Most of our uniformed service members — and most Americans — believe in the fundamental goodness of our great country. And they want to preserve it. But fighting for what is right means first understanding the truth about what is happening.

We have the world’s most powerful military and it is an all-voluntary force. We all took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. We believe in the sanctity of that oath. All of our civilian and military leaders take the same oath.

Today we are confronted with a very serious domestic enemy which, if left unchecked, will threaten our way of life and our ability to remain a beacon of freedom and a leader of the free world. More

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  1. Our problem is that many of those in the military that do not love our country are in leadership positions.

  2. I noticed that historically there is a high death rate for America when it enters a war. There is always the claim that the leadership needs to get its footing. I think, a lot of dross has to be burned away so the real soldiers can take charge.

  3. I’m sure the members of our Armed Forces love their country. But I doubt that a great many of them understand the Constitution and the simple fact that it CIRCUMSCRIBES the Federal Government – it doesn’t make it an all-powerful tool of tyranny for the oppression of the citizens. Most of them (probably) haven’t the time or inclination to investigate what a bastardization the Courts have made of it, and consequently, will turn their weapons on the Citizenry when the Citizenry have decided that they’ve had enough. “Just following Orders” will be the mantra – the FBI, CIA, and NSA are already turned (and it’s NOT just the leadership) – so you can figure the Armed Forces aren’t far behind.

    I knew 2 Midshipmen from Annapolis who were pretty “Gung Ho” about their impending Naval careers until they got them – both got out as soon as their obligation was fulfilled – thoroughly disgusted with the PC shit that was THEN going on – and I’m talking some 30 years ago.

    My guess is that the Americans will abandon the Armed Forces and leave it to the PC maggots, LBQTRZ-whatever-maggots, the cowards, and the traitors.
    But that’s just a guess.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. If the military gets involved going door-to-door and by gunpoint demand that you take the death jab, how would you feel about your comrades then? Don’t ever say “it can’t happen here.” BTW, they’re using the military to give death jabs to underage children. /just saying

  5. Could have fooled me. I didn’t join the military in 1988 because I knew progressives are in charge.

    The ultimate in Usury.

  6. The military doesn’t need hardened warriors, just indoctrinated idiots who will sit in a control room and command killer drones. Won’t take the vaccine? Kapow – – you’re gone. Just like playing a video game.

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